Performance 3D Card Tapezoid review

Hello everyone, today we're proud to bring you the world-first review of a superb new product! The Performance 3D Card Tapezoid from UnoAbril. UnoAbril is an Italian firm, and they gave us the opportunity to be the very first people on earth to do a review about their new and very innovative product!

They realized that almost every new 3D card produces way too much heat, and thought about a solution for this problem. No, they didn't re-invent the fan, but they discovered a whole new thing! They found a special material, which I'm not allowed to call by name because it's still top secret, that has a few very interesting possibilities! But first, they didn't really found a good way to put it on a graphic card, they tried almost everything! A liquid was too hard and also too dangerous to apply, so they stumbled upon tape! Yes, tape. But this ain't normal tape, they put in their special ingredient which gives this tape a flashy pink 'heat absorbing' color!

The tape came in this brown box, a nice retail package will come soon they told me. The Performance 3D Card Tapezoid is on a white plastic roll and there's enough on it for a whole year of usage! First I'll tell you how to use it and second we'll perform some benchmarks and overclocking to see what it really does!

UnoAbril claims that their product 'absorbs' the heat from your GPU to lower the temperatures of your 3D Card, and that's not everything! It uses the absorbed heat to add a special matter to the 3D Card -- which is in the tape. The tape converts the heat generated by your 3D Card into energy to unload their special matter out of the tape, this improves the speed of your video card's RAM memory greatly without any form of overclocking. They claim that with this product your card should have better performance AND lower temperatures, and it's 100% safe! Even extreme overclocking should be no problem with the tapezoid.

The installation is very easy. Turn off your pc, cut off some small pieces of the Performance tape, and place them on the back of your 3D card as I did in the photo. Also please notice: ONLY try this with their Performance 3D Card Tapezoid, DO NOT try this with other kinds of tape! The tape only lasts for a week, so how do you know when you need to change it? UnoAbril found an easy solution for this ; The pink color changes into orange when you need to change it.

After this I booted my PC and performed some benchmarks and compared the temperatures. All the tests were done on a GeForce 4 Ti4200 with 128MB Ram from MSI.

WOW, I could barely believe it! It really works. From an already excellent 3D Mark Score of 14 327 to an amazing score of 18 759 and this was just a GF4 Ti4200! That's 31% more Performance can you believe it! And this was just a GeForce 4 Ti4200, can you even imagine which results could be obtained with a Radeon 9700 PRO?

Normally the temperature of my card is about 40°C. After applying the tapezoid I could notice a temperature drop of 4°C! This product is really a lot better than all the memory heatsinks for 3D Cards!

Head on to the second page for our overclocking results and our conclusion about this truly amazing product

Added: April 1st 2003
Product reviewed: Performance 3D Card Tapezoid
Reviewer: LSDsmurf
Score: 10/10
Page: 1/2

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Comment #1 posted by Anonymous on 2003-04-05 20:36:33
Learn to spell KTHNXBYE

Comment #2 posted by Anonymous on 2003-04-01 14:39:34
I was going to question your findings until I read the last page. I guess I am a sucker but I couldn’t figure out how an old P-III could score any ware near that.

The incredible cooling tape. It not only slices dices dose your laundry cleans your house but it also cooles your video card.:-)

Comment #3 posted by Anonymous on 2003-04-01 08:49:39
It sounds like this "new" HSF that I am trying. It cools the CPU to cryogenic temps. (-40°C or F -your choice). The only kicker is it is made of this material, unobtanium. And thus, I can't find it for sale anywhere! LOL

Scott Murphy
"Artificial Intelligence is no match for Natural Stupidity"

Comment #4 posted by LSDsmurf on 2003-04-01 05:16:40
I was only a few houres to early ;)

Comment #5 posted by Anonymous on 2003-04-01 02:40:03
Hahaaha really funny wrong day but... that makes it even funnier

Comment #6 posted by Anonymous on 2003-03-31 19:08:31
All I have to say is that you're a day early!!! This was not such a good April Fools Day thing if it is not April 1st yet...great idea though!


Comment #7 posted by Anonymous on 2003-03-31 12:29:37
Its not even April yet ????? maybe if you are in Japan or Australia I guess

Comment #8 posted by Anonymous on 2003-03-31 12:27:02
The funniest thing about this is the writers grammar and spelling lol

Comment #9 posted by Anonymous on 2003-03-31 11:54:04
got a little ahead didn't you? it's March 31, 2003