Boogie Bug Tuluz S review

Maybe you're reading the name 'Boogie Bug Tuluz S' right now, and you're thinking what the hell is this? Well Boogie Bug is the company who produces the Tuluz S, and Tuluz S is nothing else than an exotic name for a Neon String. They are avaible in three colors : blue, red and green.

the package the package

Here we have the package in which the Tuluz S arrived from Bacata. In it is the Neon string which has a aquablue colour, and his inverter.

the inverter and neon string the inverter the neon string

On the left, we have the inverter and the neon string. In the picture in the middle, you can see the inverter. You can connect up to two neon string to it, but unfortunately, it only has one Molex connector and not a passthrough Molex connector. In the third picture, you can see a snip of the Neon string. It's 1.5 meters long, and it has protective plastic housing.

adhesive strip

Also included in the package are two doubleside adhesive strips to mount the inverter in your case.

Shiny neon string another pic of it the neon string

Now here is the fun part where we start playing with the neon string kit! The neon string has a nice aqua blue color when powered on, and the wire is very flexible. There are a lot of mods possible with Neon string, and one of the most popular is the Keyboard MOD where people put the Neon string between the keys of their keyboard so their keyboard starts to glow ;) But you can also use it for other things of course, I put it in the front of my Antec PlusView AMG 1000 case.

In a lighted room in dark A closeup

I first put the aqueblue Neon wire behind the ribbles of my frontpanel. In real it looked a bit better than on the pictures but still I didn't really liked this because I could hardly see the light ;)

In a lighted room in dark

So I placed the Neon wire between the ribbles, this looks a lot better!


And to end a picture with the Neon wire forming the shortname of our site DVH!

The Tuluz S is a nice product to mod with. A lot of different mods are possible with it because it is very flexible and also long (1.5 meters)

The Good Stuff
- Very flexible
- Inverter can be used for two neon wires
- Looks cool!

The Bad Stuff
- Inverter does not have a passtrough Molex connector

The Boogie Bug Tuluz S from Bacata receives a 9/10 from DV Hardware


Added: June 7th 2003
Product reviewed: Boogie Bug Tuluz S
Reviewer: LSDsmurf
Score: 9/10

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