Boogie Bug CCFL Rounded Fan review

Today we take a look at another product from Boogie Bug, the CCFL Rounded Fan. Boogie Bug is a trademark from Bacatá. The package of the product is designed in France, but the actual product is made in China. I think the CCFL ring is made by Sunbeam, this is not a bad thing, because Sunbeam is known in the modding world for their quality cold cathodes.

the package the package

Here you have a look on the package of this product from Boogie Bug. In it we can find the fan, the blue Round Cold Cathode and an inverter.

the fan and round CCFL the inverter the inverter

On the left, you can see the transparent fan, together with the Round Cold Cathode. You can connect the fan with the 3-pin connector or you can also choose to use the Molex connector. A nice thing is that the three wires for the 3-pin connector are sleeved with some clear plastic. In the second picture, you can see the inverter for the Cold Cathode lamp. It is blue and has a few air holes on top to let out the hot air. In the third picture, you can see that you can connect up to two Cold Cathodes with this inverter.

PCI mounting bracket with on/off switch Mounting stuff

Some other things included are a PCI mounting bracket with an on/off switch for the Cold Cathode. You can screw out the switch, however, and mount it somewhere else (in one of your drive bay covers for example). Another nice thing is that it has a passthrough Molex connector, so you don't lose a Molex on your PSU. In the second picture, you can see the mounting stuff. Velcro to mount the inverter, a screw for the PCI bracket, and four case screws.

the fan and round CCFL the inverter the inverter

In the first picture, you have a closer look at the fan. This nice clear 80mm fan runs at 2700RPM, and pushes out 37.87CFM, and this at only 26.5dBA. In the second picture, you can see how they have mounted the Round Cold Cathode on the fan, with screws. In the third picture we notice that the Round Cold Cathode is a little bit bigger than the fan, this causes some mounting problems. For example, it does not fits perfectly in an Antec style fan holder (you know those purple things) like other fans do. Now the fun part in which we turn on the power!

Bright! Bright Blue light Did I say bright? :p

Just take a look at the photos this thing is fucking bright :p After a short test outside my case I installed the fan in my case.

Caseshot Bright Blue light Wannabe closeup

Here are a few pictures with the blue CCFL Rounded Fan from Boogie Bug installed in my case. Like you can see this thing is very bright, it does not only lights up my case, it even lights up my wall and desk!

Now let's do some temperature measurements to end this review. I first took out all my intake and outtake fans. I let my system running for a while like that and the heat raised quite a bit. The only running fans were the ones in my PSU, my CPU cooler, and my GPU cooler. I wrote down all temperatures I could gather and let the Rounded CCFL Fan from Boogie Bug run for 15 minutes as an outtake fan and compared the difference. The room temperature was about 23.5°C.


You can see that this fan was able to cool down my case temperature with 3.4°C, my motherboard temperature decreased by 3°C, and my CPU temperature with 3°C. Much more wasn't possible with a room temperature of 23.5°C.

The CCFL Rounded Fan from Boogie Bug is a very nice thing to have! The Cold Cathode is very bright, and it is able to illuminate your pc case. I also like the included transparent case fan. It does not only looks nice, but it also produces a little bit more than the average airflow when compared to other fans, while still being quiet.

The Good Stuff
- Very bright blue Cold Cathode lamp
- Boxed Dual inverter and switch to turn Cold Cathode on/off
- Fan produces good airflow and is relatively quiet.
The Bad Stuff
- The Cold Cathode lamp is a bit bigger than the fan => Causing some mounting problems.

The CCFL Rounded Fan from Boogie Bug receives a 9/10 from DV Hardware


Added: June 8th 2003
Product reviewed: Boogie Bug CCFL Rounded Fan
Reviewer: LSDsmurf
Score: 9/10

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Comment #1 posted by Anonymous on 2004-12-26 10:01:03
I have this. great cheap fan. got it for $10 at compusa. GREAT GREAT STUFF. light is really bright and hard to sleep with but then there is a button to turn it off. so its all good.