Extramod Fan grills review

Today we are going to take a look on the 80mm fan grills from Extramod. They are made from a strong plastic called polycarbonate, and they are available in five different designs : Atomic, Hurricane, UT, Spider, and Tornado. You can choose between translucent blue or clear.

Here we have them in their package. Each plastic has the name of the fan grill on it. The fan grills are made out of plastic (polycarbonate), so I would not try to bend it too much because plastic cracks. They came in perfect condition from Thailand, and while screwing them to my fans I also did not encounter any problem so I guess that they are pretty strong! They are also very light.

Here we have them all. Some designs are new and other ones like the Atomic one are really well known. From left to right we have :
* The good old classic Atomic sign. It offers good airflow but it does not protect very well.
* The Spider if you like spiderman. It offers a little bit less airflow than the Atomic, and also not a good protection.
* The UT if you really like to play unreal tournament then this is the grill for you. The big U will block some air, however, and it does not protect as well as a normal grill.
* The Hurricane offers good airflow, and protects your fingers well.
* And a more whirly version if the hurricane the Tornado. This one offers a little bit less airflow than the hurricane, and protects well.

Though it would be nice if they added a few more designs or colours to their production.

Here we have them on a blue LED fan, these fan grills really look a lot better on a LED fan than on normal fans. Most designs do not block too much airflow, but I noticed that the Spider and the Tornado gave a noticeable difference in noise.

And here I had placed them on a Tri LED fan from Antec.

This is a normal fan grill, Obviously the fan grills from Extramod look a lot better, and I think almost every case modder will prefere them above this one.

And to end this short review here you have the UT and Atomic fan grill installed in my case.

Fan grills are one of the most basic things in the case mod world, and if you still don't have them then maybe the ones from Extramod could be the ones for you. These plastic fan grills are strong, and will not break or crack easily. They are also not too expensive, especially not if you are from the USA, you can get them at SVC for only $2.99!

Prices/availability : In the USA they are avaible for $2.99 at SVC, the mod shop in germany for €5.95, in the uk from Kustom PCs for £4.00, and $4.40 in Australia at Pc Case Gear. More shops and locations can be found at Extramod

The Good Stuff
- Like with all modding products: It looks cool!
- Not too expensive
- Will not crack or break easily

Bad stuff
- Tornado and Spider fan grill gave a noticeable increase in noise coming from the fan.
- Some designs offer bad protection, but that a problem with lets say 90% of all casemod fangrills.

The Atomic, UT and Hurricane get a 9/10 and the Tornado and Spider fan grill a 8/10


Added: July 13th 2003
Product reviewed: Extramod Fan grills
Reviewer: LSDsmurf
Score: 9/10

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