PCMark04 Preview review

Today Futuremark released their new home PC benchmarking tool PCMark04, the successor of PCMark2002. This tool is designed to test and compare application-based performance on Win2000/XP systems.

PCMark04 support the whole 'Futuremark Benchmark Cycle' allowing you to benchmark your PC, view the benchmark results, post them online and compare them with others.

PCMark04 tests various PC components: CPU, system memory, graphics card, hard disk, etc. So unlike 3DMark03 which only tests gaming performance this benchmark shows you a more complete picture of your PC his performance.

Minimum Requirements
  • x86 compatible processor, 1000MHz
  • 128MB system memory
  • 60MB of hard disk space (and additional 130 MB free space for HDD testing)
  • DirectX 7 generation graphics adapter that is fully DirectX 7 compliant.
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP operating system
  • DirectX9.0 or later

    PCMark04 can be downloaded here (35MB).
    Your system needs to be very up-to-date to be able to run this program. You need Internet Explorer 6.0, Windows Mediaplayer 9.0, Windows Media Encoder 9 and DirectX9.

    The installation screen


    How does the benchmark works
    The free benchmark only includes the system test, which PCMark04 uses to make an overall PCMark score. The workload in this benchmark is designed to stress the PC in the same manner as typical home usage does. The Pro version also includes specific CPU, Memory, Graphics and HDD test suites (Windows XP only) that give individual scores. Here is some information about the system tests:

  • Added: November 25th 2003
    Product reviewed: PCMark04 Preview
    Reviewer: LSDsmurf
    Score: 10/10
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