CoolerMaster Hyper6 review


Finally, we are back with a new review. This time, we’re going to talk about the new cooler from Coolermaster, the Hyper6 cooler.
The last year Coolermaster introduced a series of a new coolers like the Aero 7, Jet 7, Xdream Se, … . These were all good coolers, so we have big expectations for the Hyper6. Let’s begin reviewing!

First impression – what do you get ?

You get a nice box, which is easy to open. Once opened, what do you get? Here is a little list :
  • The Hyper6 heat sink
  • A Retention Module
  • A Back Plate
  • 2 spring clips
  • 1 fan
  • 4 screws for P4
  • 2 screws for K8
  • 4 screws for the fan
  • Thermal grease
    When I first had the stuff in my hand, the weight impressed me. Should this be good or bad? Well, we’ll see later on.

    Features and specifications

  • Six embedded heat pipes that provide heat conduction
  • Special heat sink design
  • Raised base design to avoid interfering with components surrounding the CPU such as capacitors
  • 100% copper fins and a special welding technique enables perfect connections between fins and pipes
  • High-density fins provide a large surface area for heat dissipation
  • Users can choose to use an 8cm fan with higher speed that provides greater cooling performance
  • Suitable for all K8 and P4 CPU’s
  • Socket Type: AMD K8 (socket 754/940) and Intel P4 (Socket 478)
  • Heat Sink dimension : 96 x 82 x 120 mm
  • Heat sink material: 6 heat pipes + 100% copper stacked fin with copper base
  • Application: P4 all frequencies and K8
  • Fan dimension: 80 x 80 x 25 mm
  • Fan speed: 1800 ~ 3000 rpm
  • Fan life expectance : 30,000 hrs
  • Bearing type : Sleeve bearing
  • Voltage rating: 6 ~12 V
  • Noise level: 21 ~ 34 DB(A)
  • Connection : 4 Pin (power input), 3 Pin (speed detection)


    The installation is rather easy. You get an installation guide, which is easy to follow. The only thing that I have to search, was how to get the screws in the fan. You must press a little bit on the screws to get them half-in. But overall, it was very easy to install.


    Test system :
    CPU : Intel Pentium 4 2.6GHz
    Memory: 2x 512 MB RAM
    Graphics card: Geforce 4 128 MB
    HDD: 120 GB
    OS : Windows XP with SP1

    Now, let's take a look at the heat sink. The fins were done really well. They're completely intact with the copper block and the air comes through better than with other CPU Coolers I got.
    I do not completely like the fan, because it makes a lot of noise. But you can always use a more silent fan of your collection. With another fan on it, it’s really more silent.
    The Hyper6 cooler really reduces my temperatures. 5° lower than with my previous cooler idle, and 4° in load.! Good job Coolermaster.


    Coolermaster impresses us again. A very good new cooler, only the noise level is a bit too much. The rather heavy heatsink has proven its quality, so as Coolermaster did again.

    The Hyper 6 from Coolermaster receives a 8/10 from Dvhardware.   

  • Added: May 15th 2004
    Product reviewed: CoolerMaster Hyper6
    Reviewer: LORDrazer
    Score: 8/10

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    Comment #1 posted by Anonymous on 2005-10-05 23:28:16
    Now running it's replacement, the hyper6+

    Base system:
    S939 3200+ AMD64
    4 x 512DDR400 Stock Ram (Copper heatsinked)
    Asus A8NSLI
    Single Nvidea PCI-E (Cheap [out of a compaq high-end workstation], but waitng to get decent dual SLi's)
    7 HDD's 2 SCSI for boot/temp, 5 s-ata for data. Partially raided. 900gb total usuable.
    Coolermaster Stacker case, Cross flow fan, dual 550w Hyper PSU's.
    Not overclocked, but will be testing when decent GPU's present.

    PC is used for data dumps, internet, video editing and some gaming.

    The Hyper6+ runs the CPU at 28deg startup, 29 or 30 deg normal use, 32 deg on full continuous load.
    Without crossflow fan, mobo sits @ 35deg.
    With cross flow fan on med speed (high speed is noisy), mobo sits @ 30deg.

    Overall very happy, not that easy to install but it does work well, even with only one 10cm fan.
    Be warned, you do need a large case to allow for it.

    Noise is reasonable to loud, the CPU 10cm fan didn't really add to the other fans (3 x 10cm, 1 x 8cm exhaust, 30cm crossflow and PSU fans)

    I know water cooled may be quieter, but this thing can take alot of grief before giving me grief. Not cheap but a worthwhile investment.

    Comment #2 posted by Anonymous on 2004-09-16 13:09:20
    pore info cpu cooler

    why not test a future cooler with last future cpu s no 2600gz pl

    Comment #3 posted by Anonymous on 2004-09-13 16:05:28
    oh shut the fuck up guys. this guy did a gr8 job with his preview, now he'll give us a review in about 20 years

    Comment #4 posted by Anonymous on 2004-09-03 22:44:46
    Hahahah "Its better then my last cooler"

    What a review!! =))

    Comment #5 posted by Anonymous on 2004-08-18 03:04:01
    very strange, its all good and well you saying its a good cooler.
    But shit, it would be nice to have some real life results, as in temps!

    Comment #6 posted by Anonymous on 2004-06-07 05:54:58
    what do u expect from someone who goes by "Dark Vision"?

    Comment #7 posted by Anonymous on 2004-06-01 06:07:16
    is this a review or a preview? after reading it, I will leave this site wanting MORE INFO!

    Comment #8 posted by Anonymous on 2004-05-29 17:13:50
    what the fuck
    what type of review is this ?

    Comment #9 posted by Anonymous on 2004-05-19 20:35:50
    Wow this gives me absolutely no relative info about this HSF.


    Comment #10 posted by Anonymous on 2004-05-18 08:18:34
    half-assed review
    wtf kinda temps were you runnin before this?from what we can read you might be a dumbass and think 60 c is ok.
    you spoke about weight how damn heavy is it?
    got to remove the mb to install, due to back-up plate?
    if this is your idea of a review , don't fuckin bother!

    Comment #11 posted by Anonymous on 2004-05-18 07:29:33
    WTF isn't this more of a preview than a review ?

    Comment #12 posted by Anonymous on 2004-05-17 03:54:49
    Did you leave out the comparison? You didn't mention what cooler you used previously.

    Comment #13 posted by Anonymous on 2004-05-17 03:18:28
    seriously... what the fuck.

    Do a real review man, don't slap together some bullshit in 10 minutes

    Comment #14 posted by Anonymous on 2004-05-16 03:40:23
    what a F*cked up review.
    No comparisons to other coolers
    No before/after temperature readings
    No tests on overcloked systems?