SoundBlaster SBS250 speakers review

2) Installation

The installation was ofcourse very easy. Unpacking the speakers from the box, and separating the wires out. Positioning the left speaker required some weird manoeuvring because it’s wired to the right speaker. The wire is about 1.5 meters long. Beyond this, the installation was very simple, just plug in the cable in your PCs soundcard.

3) Testing

I've tested the speakers through putting up some music and playing a few games (Quake3, RCT2, Red Alert 2, Half Life,). The first thing I noticed was the quality of the basses. The bass quality makes you feel into the game immediately ;-).
While I was playing the music I put on some different music genres like Hard Rock , Pop , Techno , Hardcore , Rap , … . It all sounded well, but if you put the speaker too loud with the Hard Rock and Hardcore you hear some cracking, but hey that's normal :P.
With all the other applications the speakers performed well.

Added: October 31st 2002
Product reviewed: SoundBlaster SBS250 speakers
Reviewer: LORDrazer
Score: 8/10
Page: 2/4

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