Ultra X-Connect 500W Power Supply review

The special thing about this PSU is the ability to connect only the cables you need. Here's a look at all the included cables:

The cables are connected to the rear of the PSU. With ease, you can plug in only the cables that you need, this causes less cable clutter because you can simply disconnect the cables that you don't need. The power cables are all nicely shielded but a drawback is that they are a bit bulkier and less flexible than normal cables.

The bulky cables can cause some problems connecting your devices if you have the Antec P160 for instance. The hard drive bay of that case is rotated 90 degrees, and there is little space left between the drives and the case panel with the X-Connect cables. But with a little bit of pushing and bending the cables will fit, but it's close.

All of these cables are UV-reactive, so they will light up if you have an UV cold cathode (CCFL).

Here's a look under the cover. Don't try this at home because this will void your warranty ;) I'm not an engineer so I can't tell a lot about the interior of this PSU. But it did notice that it was finished, I could spot many rests of glue for instance. The third picture shows the 80mm intake fan.

Added: January 22nd 2005
Product reviewed: Ultra X-Connect 500W Power Supply
Reviewer: Thomas DM
Score: 8/10
Page: 2/3

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