Sunbeams Sound Activated CCFLs review

Hi everyone !
Today we take a look on Sunbeams Multicolour Sound Actived Cold Cathodes, a Red-Green-Blue , a Red-Blue and the UV one !

Sunbeam :

Like usual first a bit of information about the company :

Sunbeam’s headquarter is in Taipei County, and its manufacturing factories are located in Hsin-Chu County, both in Taiwan. In early 2002 they even set up a new plant in Dongguan City, China to further satisfy the needs of the customers. Sunbeam started in 2000 and specialized in cold cathodes fluorescents lamps ( or short written CCFLs :p ) which were mainly applied in LCD backlights, scanners, automation in offices, and decorations. Today Sunbeam focused on the wonderful world of PC modding, supplying high-quality products that are great looking, innovative, and also work great; What do you want more?

Specs :

Brightness of the CCFL : 18000± 3000 cd/m²
Average liftime of the lamp : 15 000hrs
CCFL voltage : 200~1000V
CCFL current/output of inverter : 5 mA
Power (W) : 2.85± 0.3
Input voltage of inverter : DC 12V

Added: November 30th 2002
Product reviewed: Sunbeams Sound Activated CCFLs
Reviewer: LSDsmurf
Score: 9/10
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