Songbird 0.4

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Songbird is a desktop media player mashed-up with the Web. Songbird is committed to playing the music you want, from the sites you want, on the devices you want, challenging the conventions of discovery, purchase, consumption and organization of music on the Internet.

Songbird is a player and a platform. Like Firefox, Songbird is an open source, Open Web project built on the Mozilla platform.

  • Display panes that make it friendly for multiple add-ons to be installed in Songbird at once by allowing the user to define which add-on gets displayed by context. Read the details on these integration points in our Developer Center.
  • The latest generation iPods (the iPod touch/iPhone an exception) are now supported and we have improved the user experience for the iPod including a new iPod Summary Page (requires latest iPod add-on)
  • Library support to return to the web location where a media item originated.
  • A more comprehensive XUL Periodic Table in the Developer Support Tools Add-On.
  • The Web Media History list now defaults with a column indicating the "Source" of the media. You can click on this entry to take you to that source web site.
  • Bug free preferences/options.
  • List views now retain users sorting preferences and column reordering.
  • The popular "JumpTo" feature is back!
  • Faster, smoother window resize.
  • Many memory leaks fixed.

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