Motherboard Monitor (MBM)

Posted on Friday, Feb 20 2004 @ 19:53 CET by LSDsmurf

MBM changelog :
  • added:
    • ALi 1563 Southbridge support
    • Intel Hance Rapids Southbridge support
    • Intel ICH6 Southbridge support (prelimenary)
    • Intel ICH6M Southbridge support (prelimenary)
    • AMD 8111 southbridge support (old type)
    • Phillips NE1619DS support
    • ADM1026 support
    • CPU Speed can now be send via the Syslog
    • SHDN path option in the [advanced] section when running mbm as service (see forum, faq, ini entries)
    • Display option in the [advanced] section, to overrule the current dashboard (see forum, faq, ini entries)
    • WM_BUILDMBMICON message added, see help file for info

  • Fixes:
    • ITE range of sensors fan sensor 3 dividor problem fixed again !!
    • AMD 8111 southbridge support adjusted (new type)
    • big font size problem with wizard
  • Changes:
    • Increased the number of hdd the smart temp option can handle/detect
    • If the system tray crashes and you have the black MBM icon then after the tray is back MBM will redraw itself, this already worked like this when you have values in the tray instead of the black icon
    • Inno installer 4.1.4 used
    • Changed the way the wise setup works, this should fix some of the driver install problem
    • Made the update button on the wizard flash, many people missed that button

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