Calibre 0.7.28

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calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.

New Features
* Update the version of the grahical toolkit (Qt 4.7.1) used in the calibre binary builds on windows and linux. This should result in a significant speed up for the calibre ebook viewer
* Driver for Nook Color, Eken M001
* Add a tweak to turn off double clicking to open viewer
* Catalog generation: Add indication when a book has no formats
Closes tickets: 7376 [External link]
* Advanced search dialog: Add a tab to allow searching particular metadata fields easily
* Conversion pipeline: When using the Level x Table of Contents expressions, if a tag is empty but has a non-empty title attribute, use that instead of ignoring the tag

Bug Fixes
* Comic metadata reader: Sort filenames aplhabetically when choosing an image for the cover
Closes tickets: 7488 [External link]
* Bulk convert dialog: Hide useless restore defaults button.
Closes tickets: 7471 [External link]
* Conversion pipeline: Handle input documents that encode null bytes as HTML entities correctly
Closes tickets: 7355 [External link]
* Fix some SONY readers not being detected on windows
Closes tickets: 7413 [External link]
* MOBI Input: Fix images missing when converting MOBI news downloads created with Mobipocket reader
Closes tickets: 7455 [External link]
* ODT Input: Handle hyperlinks to headings that have truncated destination specifiers correctly
Closes tickets: 7506 [External link]
* Sony driver: Ignore invalid strings when updating XML database
* Content Server: Add day to displayed date in /mobile book listing
* MOBI Input: Do not generate filenames with only extensions if the MOBI file has no internal name
Closes tickets: 7481 [External link]
* MOBI Input: Handle files that has the record sizes set incorrectly to a long integer
Closes tickets: 7472 [External link]
* Fix not enough vertical space for text in the preferences dialog category listing
* Remove 'sort' from Search and replace destination fields and add it to source fields. S&R is no longer marked experimental
* Edit metadata dialog: Save dialog geometry on reject as well as on accept
* E-book viewer: Fix clicking entries in TOC that point to the currently loaded flow not scrolling view to the top of the document
* Fix bug in regex used to extract charset from tags
* MOBI Output: Add support for the tag

New news sources
* Handelsblatt and European Voice by malfi
* Polityka and Newsweek by Mateusz Kielar
* MarcTV by Marc Toensings
* Rolling Stone by Darko Miletic
* Vedomosti by Nikolai Kotchetkov
* by bmsleight
* Dnevnik,, MMC-RTV and Avto-magazon by BlonG
* SC Print Magazine by Tony Maro
* Diario Sport by Jefferson Frantz

Improved news sources
* Zeit Online
* Gamespot Review
* Ploitika
* Pagina12
* Irish Times
* elektrolese
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