Daemon Tools 4.0

Posted on Tuesday, Nov 15 2005 @ 15:04 CET by LSDsmurf

Daemon Tools allows you to mount CD or DVD images as a virtual drive. The program is free, it comes with adware BUT you can choose to install it without adware by unchecking "Daemon Tools Searchbar" at installation. The program also lacks IDE-Jammer at the moment but they are working on it.

  • complete redesign from scratch
  • support of 4 virtual drives
  • ONLY X32-supported now. X64 will follow
  • Drivername randomly generated on each machine (not finished yet)
  • Drive-vendor and versionnumber randomly generated
  • Complete new emulation architecture
  • DCP (DaemonCodeProtect) to make analyses harder and increase development time for malicious anti-DT tools
  • Digital signature verification of applications who are trusted to access DT in secure mode
  • AutoInsertNotification fully implemented (can be turned on/off at ControlPanel)
  • Dropped: MS-Installer, DT now use modificated NullsoftInstaller
  • Dropped: analog sound support (as Windows 2000 and above do not need this feature)
  • supports all popular copyprotections

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Download: Daemon Tools 4.0

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