Adobe denies next Photoshop will have GPU acceleration

Posted on Wednesday, May 28 2008 @ 15:40 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Adobe denies the next version of Photoshop will get GPU acceleration. Adobe Photoshop Senior Product Manager John Nack gave a demonstration of a couple of new experimental Photoshop features at NVIDIA's Editor's Day last week, including a demonstration of GPU and physics acceleration, but he explains this was just a technology demonstration.

In his latest blog post Nack states that GPU and physics acceleration may not make it into the next version of Photoshop and he also debunks a lot of other rumours, he says "Photoshop CS4" is a term never used publicly by anyone from Adobe and he also says the rumoured October 1st release date is a lie.
People are excited that the Photoshop team is exploring ways to make the app feel faster and smoother, and that's all good. What's irritating, though, is just how much bogus info is getting invented, passed around, and swallowed without question.

Gizmodo is repeating info found on a site called TG Daily, stating that "Photoshop CS4" (a term that I've never heard anyone from Adobe use publicly) "is expected to be released on October 1." Uhh... expected by whom? And based on what?

I didn't say anything about schedule. In fact, I never said that any of this stuff is promised to go into any particular version of Photoshop. Rather, as with previous installments, it's a technology demonstration of some things we've got cooking--nothing more.

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