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Corsair DOMINATOR TITANIUM DDR5 launches at 8000MT/s

3 days ago
Corsair showcases its DOMINATOR TITANIUM DDR5 memory:
CORSAIR® (NASDAQ: CRSR), a world leader in enthusiast components for gamers, creators, and PC builders, today announced the latest addition to its award-winning memory line-up, DOMINATOR TITANIUM DDR5 memory. Built using some of the fastest DDR5 ICs alongside patented CORSAIR DHX cooling technology for improved overclocking potential, DOMINATOR TITANIUM continues the DOMINATOR legacy with stunning design and blazing performance.

Sporting an elegant, fresh new design and built using premium materials and components, DOMINATOR TITANIUM DDR5 memory will be available for both Intel and AMD platforms, supporting Intel XMP 3.0 when paired with 12th and 13th-Gen Core processors or AMD EXPO for Ryzen 7000 CPUs. These technologies enable easy overclocking in just a couple of clicks on compatible platforms.

An exciting new feature with DOMINATOR TITANIUM is support for fully replaceable top bars, allowing owners to customize their memory for specific aesthetics. Anyone looking to go for a minimalist or classic style can do so with the separately available Fin Accessory Kits that replace the RGB top bars with bars that utilize fins for an elegant look that harkens back to the original DOMINATOR memory.

Boasting 11 vibrant individually addressable RGB LED along its removable top-bar, DOMINATOR TITANIUM offers seamless lighting arrays to illuminate your system. More advanced system-wide effects are possible when combined with the powerful CORSAIR iCUE Murals, for synchronized lighting that matches your music, games, or movies.

DOMINATOR TITANIUM will launch with phenomenal speeds up to 8,000MT/s and capacities up to 192GB (4x 48GB) with CAS latencies as low as 30 on some SKUs. Showing its ability to go beyond even this high frequency performance, CORSAIR will be demoing DOMINATOR TITANIUM running at speeds of 8,266MT/s at its Grand Hyatt booth at COMPUTEX 2023.

CORSAIR will celebrate the launch of the latest version of DOMINATOR Memory with a limited run of First-Edition kits, boasting tight timings and higher frequencies. Limited to just 500 kits and individually numbered, enthusiasts will need to act fast to secure a unique piece of CORSAIR history.

As with all CORSAIR DDR5 memory, DOMINATOR TITANIUM modules are built using hand-sorted, tightly screened memory chips to ensure consistently high frequencies, atop performance PCBs for excellent signal quality and stability. Cooling these chips is a stylish solid aluminum heatspreader that efficiently conducts heat away from your memory, while complementing your system’s modern aesthetic. A limited lifetime warranty grants you peace of mind that your new memory will last throughout your PC’s lifespan and future upgrades.

Availability, Warranty, and Pricing
CORSAIR DOMINATOR TITANIUM DDR5 kits will be available in July 2023 from the CORSAIR webstore and the CORSAIR worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors.

CORSAIR DOMINATOR TITANIUM DDR5 is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, alongside the CORSAIR worldwide customer service and technical support network.
Corsair Dominator Titanium DDR5 in White

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Halo -- new mid-range HSF

2 weeks ago
Cooler Master send out word about the new Hyper 212 Halo processor cooler. This updated version of the Hyper 212 features the new Halo² fan. The Hyper 212 Halo will retail in the EU for 45.99EUR. The MF120 Halo² fan is also sold separately for 19.99EUR.

INTC logo
Cooler Master is launching a new release of its most acclaimed air cooling line, the Hyper Series, with the new Hyper 212 Halo. With overhauled aesthetics and performance improvements, the Hyper 212 Halo Series is giving the legacy cooler an updated and modern upgrade of what has already been an outstanding cooler.

Hail to the Hyper
The Hyper 212 Halo Series is equipped with the all new Halo² fan, a redesign on the predecessor featuring dual loop ARGB lighting with larger fan blades and thinner hybrid frame structure to improve stability and performance. The color accents are complete throughout the hardware with the color option of black or white. The 4 heat pipe tower has been treated with matching color, now with a matching top cover with the signature logo.

The Hyper 212 Halo stands at a height of 154mm, making compatibility with chassis and RAM orientation simple with most chassis available. The installation brackets have been updated to fit the latest platforms on the market.

The new Hyper 212 models will be launching in the 2 color options with the Hyper 212 Halo Black and Hyper 212 Halo White, matching your dark or light builds with a modern look and feel.

be quiet! Dark Power Pro 13 arrives next week in 1300W and 1600W

2 weeks ago
Starting on May 23rd, be quiet! will start shipping its Dark Power Pro 13 power supply. This is a fully digital ATX 3.0 unit that promises unrivaled performance and stability. The firm offers 1300W and 1600W editions for 409.90EUR and 449.90EUR.

be quiet!, the German manufacturer for premium PC components, introduces the Dark Power Pro 13 series. This successor to the award-winning Dark Power Pro 12 series presents a future-proof way to update your system by offering full ATX 3.0 compatibility for next-generation PCIe 5.0 graphics cards, and comes in two wattage classes: 1300 and 1600 watt. Dark Power Pro 13 features an extraordinary 80 PLUS Titanium efficiency, a frameless fan with full mesh fan grill, and fully digital regulation of PFC, LLC, and SR with full bridge topology. An overclocking key lets users combine the six 12V rails into one with high power output, ideal for overclocked processors or graphics cards. All these features are rounded off with a premium design, including fully modular, single sleeved cables and a stunning aluminum case, making this PSU the perfect choice for current and future high-end systems.

Future-proof thanks to full ATX 3.0 support
Dark Power Pro 13 includes full support for the ATX 3.0 standard, which adapts the power specifications defined by PCI Express 5.0. Compared to ATX 2.X, which supports high load peaks but does not define a maximum above the nominal power of the power supply, ATX 3.0 defines clear target values – specifically, the PCIe connection for the graphics card must allow load changes of up to three times the power consumption. Dark Power Pro 13 is designed to handle these extreme transient loads with ease. ATX 3.0 power supplies with 450 watts or more also require a new 12VHPWR connector, which is able to deliver significantly more power. Both< Dark Power Pro 13 models support up to 600 watts of power on the two available 12VHPWR connectors, while also offering six ‘traditional’ PCIe 6+2 connectors for full graphics card compatibility.

Titanium efficiency and digital regulation
Even though the wattages have been raised from its predecessor – from 1200 to 1300 watt and from 1500 to 1600 watt – Dark Power Pro 13 effortlessly provides an efficiency of up to 94.5 percent with 80 PLUS Titanium certification, with a standby drain of less than 0.1 watts. be quiet! achieves this high efficiency factor by implementing a fully digital control of the powerful “Full Bridge + LLC” topology, resulting in lower ripple noise and excellent power regulation, especially when compared to analog or semi-digital solutions that only implement a digital PFC. Dark Power Pro 13 exclusively relies on premium components to minimize coil whine and other unwanted noise that are often induced by the extreme load changes of modern graphics cards, while long-lasting Japanese 105°C capacitors guarantee maximum reliability.

Silent Wings fan for optimal component cooling
To make sure the high-end components in Dark Power Pro 13 are optimally cooled even under extreme load, be quiet! relies on its frameless Silent Wings fan, placed directly under a full mesh grill and surrounded by a funnel-shaped air intake for optimal air circulation and best-in-class cooling. The fan has a low startup rotational speed and operates virtually inaudible under low-to-medium load scenarios, negating the need to constantly stop and start the fan as such semi-passive solutions often place unnecessary stress on the fan components.

Extensive feature set
Dark Power Pro 13 supports an overclocking key, which allows users to switch the power supply from multi-rail mode to single-rail mode with the flick of a switch. This increases the PSU’s stability under extreme overclocking conditions. To match the high-quality components inside the power supply unit, Dark Power Pro 13 features an aluminum housing that elevates the appearance of this power supply series to the highest level. In addition, Dark Power Pro 13 offers a set of modular, single-sleeved black cables and matching cable combs to add to its premium appearance. Thanks to its high component quality and innovative cooling design, be quiet! is able to offer a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

Dark Power Pro 13 will be available in retail from May 23 at a suggested retail price of $459.90 / £449.99 / €449.90 (1600W) or $419.90 / £409.99 / €409.90 (1300W).

Lian Li UNI FAN P28 fan offers up to 92CFM

2 weeks ago
Lian Li showcases the UNI FAN P28, a new fan series that puts performance first. Depending on the fan mode, this model delivers an airflow of up to 92CFM, with a static pressure of 4.79mmH2O, and a noise level of 32.1dBA. Pricing is $25.99 for a single fan and $74.99 for a pack of three (with controller).

LIAN LI Launches First Performance-Focused UNI FAN with the P28
LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of chassis and PC accessories, announces its first performance-focused UNI FAN with the P28, a 120mm PWM fan available in black, and in white. With a 28mm thick frame, Liquid Crystal Polymer blades, Fluid Dynamic Bearing, and 3-speed modes: quiet operation, balanced noise/performance, and maximum performance, the P28 is geared towards performance. As with all UNI FANs, the P28 can be interconnected to create clusters of fans capable of being powered via a single cable, and up to 2 clusters can be bridged with an extension cable. For users wanting added flare without sacrificing performance, an optional Side RGB Strip accessory is added to the side of the fan.

The P28 features a 9-blade design made of liquid crystal polymer (LCP), a stronger material capable of supporting higher speeds without deformation for tighter tolerances with the fan frame (0.6mm). Combined with an overall frame thickness of 28mm, the increase in the surface area of the blades results in added performance. In addition, the P28 is equipped with Fluid Dynamic bearings (FDB) for the fan motor to operate quieter and smoother. The use of a thicker fan frame, sturdy LCP blade material, and the FDB result in great performances, and quieter operation.

The P28 comes with a controller which can be magnetically mounted anywhere in the case and offer 3-speed profiles. Users have the option to opt for quieter operation in L mode, a perfect balance of noise and performance in M mode, or maximum performance in H mode.

The P28 can be interlocked and daisy-chained together to create clusters of fans that only require a single cable to be powered on. The innovative approach introduced with the original UNI FAN SL120 greatly reduces the number of cables required to power a large number of fans, making cable management a breeze. In addition, the P28 has removable interlocking keys to improve compatibility with radiator fittings, and support for an extension cable to bridge two clusters of fans (up to 6 fans max) to a single controller, further reducing cable clutter.

Optional Side RGB Kit?
While the P28 is focused on performance, users also have the option to replace the side aluminum strip with a Side ARGB Strip accessory. The strip can be added to a single side of the fan, or both, and is powered via a standard 5V ARGB cable and can be daisy-chained seamlessly like the fans. By adding the side ARGB strips to the P28, available in black and white, users can achieve the same sophisticated RGB look as the UNI FAN SLV2, without sacrificing performance.

Noctua NA-FH1 PWM fan hub offers eight channels

2 weeks ago
Noctua reveals the NA-FH1, a new fan hub with eight channels. This device allows you to control up to eight PWM fans via a single PWM motherboard fan header or a standalone fan controller like the Noctua NA-FC1. Depending on the input power source, the NA-FH1 can provide up to 54W to your fans. The suggested retail pricing of the Noctua NA-FH1 is $34.90 (34.90EUR).

Noctua NA-FH1
Noctua today presented its new NA-FH1 fan hub. The NA-FH1 is a high-quality, smartly-protected 8 channel PWM fan hub that allows up to eight PWM fans to be run and controlled simultaneously via a single PWM motherboard fan header or stand-alone controllers such as the optional NA-FC1. Supporting both 12V and 5V fans with 4-pin PWM and 3-pin connectors, the NA-FH1 is highly flexible and suitable both for PC environments and other 12V- or 5V-based applications.

“While there is no shortage of fan hubs on the market, we found most of them lacking both from a functional and from a safety perspective,” explains Roland Mossig (Noctua CEO). “PWM control and RPM readout can be unreliable, and most units lack overcurrent or short-circuit protection, which can be dangerous when powering through S-ATA. This is where the NA-FH1 steps in: a safe, dependable quality device for powering and controlling up to eight fans!“

Many fan hubs that are available on the market use very basic PCB designs without any protection or circuitry for signal quality improvement. While this helps to reduce cost, there are significant drawbacks with regards to function and safety. In particular, PWM based speed control may not work reliably if multiple fans are connected and RPM speed signals may be transmitted in poor quality, especially at low fan speeds, which can cause readout errors. By contrast, the NA-FH1’s signal quality improvement circuitries guarantee reliable readout and speed control, even if incoming signals may be of less-than-ideal quality.

In terms of safety, unprotected fan hubs bear risks in cases of overcurrent or short-circuits on the output ports. Especially when powering the devices through S-ATA, this can result in cables and connectors melting and may even cause sparks or flames. To rule out that anything like this can happen, the NA-FH1 features protection circuitries with resettable polyfuses that shut down in case of overcurrent or short-circuits, protecting the connected fans and surrounding components.

The NA-FH1 can be powered either via its S-ATA input (for 12V fans, up to 54W) or 4-pin PWM input (for 5V and 12V fans, up to 24W). The two ports can also be used concurrently with the device automatically taking power via S-ATA and exchanging RPM and PWM signals via the 4-pin interface. Status LEDs allow for easy monitoring and thanks to its magnetic fixture, installing the NA-FH1 inside a PC case or on any other steel surface is a breeze. Topped off with CE, UKCA and UL certifications, full compliance with all applicable safety standards as well as Noctua’s 6-year manufacturer’s warranty, the NA-FH1 is a safe, dependable premium choice for powering and controlling up to eight fans.

FSP HYDRO Ti PRO -- high-efficiency, full modular and 150mm long

1 month ago
FSP informs us about the launch of the HYDRO Ti Pro. Honestly, I have no idea why FSP uses the Hydro brand for so many of its power supplies. It made sense for the liquid cooled power supplies but the only link here with "HYDRO" seems to be a coating that offers protection against 95 percent relative humidity.

Anyway, you can get the HYDRO Ti PRO in 850W and 1000W editions, the MSRP is 201.99 and 239.99EUR, respectively, excl. VAT. The units are fully modular and sport 80Plus Titanium certification. They're just 150mm long and pack the new 12VHPWR connector, as well as ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 support.

INTC logo
FSP Group, one of the world's leading high-performance OEM and ODM power supply manufacturers today, is excited to unveil the brand new HYDRO Ti PRO series power supplies designed with high power density, efficient power delivery, and low noise for high-performance PC builds.

The all-new HYDRO Ti PRO series offers two fully modular power supply units rated at 850W and 1000W, featuring the highly desired 12VHPWR connector, which complies with ATX 3.0 and support for PCIe 5.0, allows top-tier graphics cards to perform at the highest level.

The HYDRO Ti PRO series's sleek and refined industrial design can make any pc build stand out. Engineered with a fully modular layout for easy installation and significantly reduces cable clutter in the case, resulting in a cleaner and more organized build.

In addition, they feature a quiet and durable cooling system, thanks to the FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) fan with low noise and a long-lasting life span. This fan ensures the power supply runs quietly and effectively while providing optimal cooling for its components.

The HYDRO Ti PRO series use LLC topology circuit design and 450V, 105°C Japanese main bulk capacitors, providing superior performance under load, ensuring stable and reliable power delivery across all components. Despite being 150mm long, they offer a 1000W variant with an unbelievable power density and 80 Plus® Titanium certification. The 1000W HYDRO Ti PRO power supply also comes with a cybernetic badge of A++ certification, which signifies the unparalleled quality of FSP products in the international market.

FSP's commitment to using high-quality components ensures that these power supplies are reliable and have a prolonged lifespan. With the HYDRO Ti PRO series, users can experience optimal power delivery, quiet operation, and a clean and organized build.

The HYDRO Ti PRO power supplies are now available from FSP's authorized dealers and retailers. For more information, please visit FSP's website.

CHERRY highlights its XTRFY gaming brand

1 month ago
Following last year's acquisition of XTRFY, German computer input device maker CHERRY now presents its CHERRY XTRFY gaming brand. A new logo is presented and there's a website that showcases all the XTRFY keyboards, mice, mousepads, microphones, and headsets.
CHERRY, the specialist for computer input devices and market leader in the field of mechanical key switches, presents CHERRY XTRFY, the group's new gaming brand. After CHERRY's acquisition of Xtrfy earlier this year, the two well-renowned brands now unite under a common banner. The mission is to provide professionals, enthusiasts and die-hard gamers the tools they need to unleash their individual potential on the road to victory. Xtrfy brings in a lot of knowledge and expertise from the competitive gaming segment, providing professional performance to gamers of all levels.

CHERRY and Xtrfy proudly unveil their new name, logo, and visual identity, signaling a fresh era in cutting-edge gaming gear and a unified portfolio of gaming peripherals.

“The merger of Xtrfy by CHERRY is a prime example of how diversification is crucial in esports. Both companies bring different strengths, networks, and product expertise, which complement each other perfectly. With the fusion of German engineering and Swedish design, this partnership is a match made in heaven, united by a shared love of gaming. As we move forward, we are excited to introduce our new gaming peripherals brand, which is driven by our vision for the future of esports. This vision encompasses diversity and inclusion, as we aim to promote a welcoming and inclusive community where everyone can participate and thrive”, says René Schulz, Vice President Business Unit Peripherals at CHERRY.

The revamped identity reflects the brand's commitment to quality, performance, and the pursuit of next-generation esports equipment.

“We’re passionate about esports and after years of collaborating with professional players, we’re putting our hearts into growing our presence in competitive gaming. Ramping up our efforts in esports, we’re committed to creating new products that help gamers win. Our dedication is symbolized by the Winner symbol – X – and verbalized through the CHERRY XTRFY tagline: In it to win it”, says Joakim Jansson, Managing Director and Co-founder of Xtrfy.

The new brand and gaming peripherals will be housed under , and more news will be unveiled at CHERRY XTRFY’s event in Cologne, Germany on April 26th.

DVHARDWARE reviews the HomeWizard Wi-Fi P1 Meter en Wi-Fi Energy Socket (DUTCH)

2 months ago
It's been a while! The past couple of months have been super busy but DVHARDWARE finally has a new review online. This time I checked out the functionality of the HomeWizard Wi-Fi P1 Meter and Wi-Fi Energy Socket. Both are used to monitor residential energy consumption. This review is a little different as it's the first Dutch-language review on DVHARDWARE. This is because the HomeWizard products primarily cater to the Belgian and Dutch markets -- as such, it didn't make a lot of sense to write this review in English.

P1 Meter from HomeWizard

Noctua and ASUS reveal the ASUS GeForce RTX 4080 Noctua Edition graphics card

2 months ago
Here is another collab between ASUS and Noctua. The firm's partnered up a third time to create the ASUS GeForce RTX 4080 Noctua Edition graphics card. The promise here is this RTX 4080 is the quietest air-cooled video card in its class.

The Noctua-cooled card has two NF-A12x25 PWM 120mm and an optimized heatsink with a vapor chamber and a total of eight heatpipes. The Noctua edition is said to produce just 33.7dBA at maximum fan speed, a massive difference versus the 48.6dBA of the stock model, while delivering comparable cooling performance.
Following the resounding success of the ASUS GeForce RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 Noctua Edition, the Noctua Edition of ASUS’ GeForce RTX 4080 is the third graphics card to feature Noctua fans and a heatsink that has been co-engineered by Noctua. By switching from the stock three slim 110mm fans to two of Noctua’s award-winning NF-A12x25 PWM 120mm units and to a more elaborate, tailored heatsink with vapour chamber and five instead of two 8mm diameter heatpipes, thermals and acoustics of ASUS’ original TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4080 could be improved significantly for the Noctua Edition, making it the quietest card in its class.
ASUS GeForce RTX 4080 Noctua Edition graphics card

Corsair VENGEANCE now available in DDR5-7000

2 months ago
Corsair introduced a number of new VENGEANCE DDR5 series memory modules this week. The California-based hardware maker now has 7000MHz 48GB dual-channel kits, as well as 5200MHz 192GB quad-channel kits. Pricing is listed below.
CORSAIR® (NASDAQ: CRSR), a world leader in enthusiast components for gamers, creators, and PC builders, today announced new high-speed 7000MT/s 48GB (2x 24GB) VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 and VENGEANCE DDR5 memory kits, as well as the general availability of its massive 192GB (4x 48GB) DDR5-5200 kits. CORSAIR has worked closely with motherboard manufacturer ASUS to ensure that these new kits work flawlessly across its full range of 700 series motherboards, making them an ideal high-speed companion for the latest 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors.

These new memory kits are compatible with all Intel® 700 series motherboards, but the close working relationship between ASUS and CORSAIR demonstrates both company’s commitment to delivering optimal performance and compatibility for customers. Rigorous testing of these new VENGEANCE DDR5 memory kits ensures they work across the full range of ASUS motherboards, including at the new higher DDR5-7000 speeds.

CORSAIR announced its 48GB and 96GB Memory kits on February 22nd, but has now bolstered this high-capacity line-up with faster 7000MT/s 48GB kits with 40-52-52-114 timings. These 1.4V DDR5 memory modules support Intel® XMP 3.0 for easy setup and offer the critical combination of high-capacity and impressive throughput, making them ideal for enthusiasts that want the best from their machines.

Recent games have started demanding at least 32GB of RAM for the highest settings, and these new 48GB kits ensure plenty of capacity to handle such games while also giving room for other demanding workloads such as streaming, 8K video editing, AI and deep learning training, as well as 3D rendering.
Also launching today are VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 and VENGEANCE DDR5 192GB kits. Using 4x 48GB modules and rated at 5200MT/s with 38-38-38-84 timings, these kits also support Intel® XMP 3.0 for easy setup and operate at 1.25V.

Both the 48GB and 192GB memory kits are available as VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 and VENGEANCE DDR5 memory kits, giving you the option of building an aesthetically striking machine with fully-programmable RGB lighting using CORSAIR iCUE Murals and ASUS Armoury Crate, or a more subdued system—the choice is yours.
Specifications and pricing:
  • CMH48GX5M2B7000C40: CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 48GB (2x24GB) DDR5-7000 (PC5-56000) - 40-52-52-114 - $284.99
  • CMK48GX5M2B7000C40: CORSAIR VENGEANCE DDR5 48GB (2x24GB) DDR5 7000 (PC5-56000) - 40-52-52-114 - $274.99
  • CMH192GX5M4B5200C38: CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 192GB (4x48GB) DDR5 5200 (PC5-41600) - 38-38-38-84 - $749.99
  • CMK192GX5M4B5200C38: CORSAIR VENGEANCE DDR5 192GB (4x48GB) DDR5 5200 (PC5-41600) - 38-38-38-84 - $724.99



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