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Cooler Master MasterLiquid Atmos and Qube 500 Flatpack arrive this month

1 day ago
Cooler Master has a new case and a new all-in-one watercooling product series:
Cooler Master, a global leader in PC components, has today announced two groundbreaking products that promise to overhaul the way we think about building PCs: the Qube 500 Flatpack PC case and the next-gen MasterLiquid Atmos liquid cooler series. Both products epitomize the brand’s commitment to innovation, functionality and sustainability.

"Throughout Cooler Master's journey, we've consistently driven innovation and elevated user experiences," said Jimmy Sha, Cooler Master CEO. " The Qube 500 and the MasterLiquid Atmos show our undying passion for revolutionizing the PC landscape. They're not just products; they're extensions of our commitment to empower our community’s PC-building and gaming adventures."

The Qube 500 Flatpack & MasterLiquid Atmos share these innovations:
  1. Begin the Adventure from Unboxing: From the moment you unwrap the Qube 500 Flatpack and the MasterLiquid Atmos, your engaging and exciting building journey commences.
  2. Eco-Conscious Crafting: Both the Qube and Atmos proudly champion an ecoforward approach, utilizing recyclable components and adopting minimalistic, sustainable packaging. All rights reserved.
  3. Redefining Engagement: Dive into an immersive experience whether you're piecing together your Qube case panel by panel or smoothly orchestrating your Atmos cooling dynamics. They are reshaping the way users interact and build.
The Qube 500 Flatpack features:
  1. DIY for everyone: The flatpack design allows for a fun and flexible build experience that beginners and long-time builders can enjoy.
  2. Fully modular: Features modular panels that simplify and streamline the usual case prep process.
  3. Comprehensive compatibility: Despite its compact size, the Qube 500 is an ATX case featuring compatibility with E-ATX motherboards, water coolers and the largest GPUs.
  4. Color your way: Multiple available colorways add another layer of creative expression, allowing you to move on from simple black or white color options.
While the MasterLiquid Atmos features:
  1. Exceptional silence: Pre-installed SickleFlow Edge 120 fans use loop dynamic bearings for ultra-quiet performance. Factory-tested performance is backed up by extra-long lifespans.
  2. Fully customizable: Customize the pump top cover with your 3D designs and take full control of the ARGB Gen 2 lighting. The Atmos provides unprecedented creative freedom.
  3. Refined dual chamber design: Our signature dual chamber pump has been refined for enhanced cooling synergy.
If you want a build experience that brings something new to the table while maintaining robust performance specs and high customization, then step into the future of DIY with the MasterLiquid Atmos and Qube 500 Flatpack. These products hit the market in September.
 Qube 500 Flatpack

MasterLiquid Atmos

In Win MR24 / MR36 AIO CPU liquid coolers have pump-in radiator design

1 day ago
In Win showcases its new MR24 and MR36 liquid coolers. MR Series include two models, MR24 (240mm) and MR36 (360mm). With rotatable aluminum ARGB blockhead, pump-in radiator design, and equipped with Neptune AN120 fans, MR AIO provides impressive thermal performance for different system builds.
In Win Development Inc. (InWin), a leading innovator in PC enthusiast and gaming hardware, has introduced its new MR24 (240 mm) and MR36 (360 mm) AIO CPU liquid coolers for Intel and AMD CPU platforms.

Rotatable Aluminium ARGB Blockhead
High-density microchannel fins within the CPU block efficiently draws heat away from even the hottest processors, minimizing the temperature delta to unlock maximum headroom for sustained thermal boost clock speeds. The MR series features a fully rotatable aluminium CPU blockhead that is shrouded with an ARGB ring. InWin’s Lock-N-Go cable connector possesses an anti-slide buckle to ensure the ARGB connector will be secured.

Unique Pump-in-Radiator Design
The MR Series takes a unique cooling approach by integrating the pump into the radiator itself so that no additional operational heat is transferred into the CPU block, maximizing cooling potential. The innovative feature also effectively cushions vibrations and suppresses noise, while the placement of the pump-in-radiator is directly beneath the motor of the mounted fan, avoiding any restrictions to airflow. The radiator is built with high-density microchannel fins to maximize the heat dissipation area, allowing a thinner design with better chassis compatibility that still compares to the performance of larger radiators.

Silent Static Pressure Neptune AN120 Fans
InWin partners the MR series with its Neptune AN120 fans, which are high static pressure fans and are ideal for liquid cooling radiators. They offer up to 60.1CFM airflow and an impressive 2.27 mm H2O pressure, at just 20.5dBA (Normal) with PWM control.

Tool-free Mounting for the latest CPU sockets
The MR series supports all recent AMD and Intel CPU sockets including the latest AMD AM5 and Intel LGA1700, supplemented with a durable mounting kit and tool-free design, keeping installation as simple as possible.
MR24 / MR36 AIO CPU liquid coolers

LIAN LI O11D EVO XL has room for three 420mm radiators

2 weeks ago
New in Lian Li's case lineup is the O11D EVO XL. This latest entry into the O11D family promises to be the ultimate evolution of this case series.
  • Supports 3 x 420 radiators simultaneously
  • Removable motherboard tray is adjustable in 3 positions
  • Removable front pillar for unrestricted view
  • Reversible frame for left orientation
  • Front I/O USB module relocatable to 3 different locations
  • Hot-swappable HDD cages on hinges for ease of access
  • Location adjustable dual-layer cable clips for flexible cable management
  • Supports upright GPU installation in standard and reverse mode ?
September 7th, 2023, Taipei, Taiwan – LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of chassis and PC accessories, launches the ultimate O11D chassis with the O11D EVO XL. Inspired by the popular O11D EVO, the EVO XL adds features such as: simultaneous support for 3 x 420 radiators, a height-adjustable and fully removable motherboard tray, a removable front pillar, improved support for upright GPU mounting on the side fan/radiator bracket, and redesigned cable management and storage solution. The O11D EVO XL also keeps the unique features of the O11D EVO, with the ability to reverse the case and a relocatable front I/O module. The O11D EVOL XL is available in black and white at an MSRP of $234.99 and $244.99 respectively.

Cooling Performance
?The O11D EVO XL is designed with cooling performance in mind. Starting with the motherboard tray, a modular piece that can be quickly removed for ease of installation, it can be height adjusted into 3 positions (high, middle, and low) to provide better fan/radiator clearance at the top or bottom. The top, bottom, and side brackets of the O11D EVO XL can each support 3 x 140mm fans / 420mm radiators simultaneously for extreme cooling performance. Each radiator bracket can be quickly removed for ease of installation. With the motherboard in lower mode, the rear of the case can support up to 2 x 120mm fans.

Easy Customization
?The O11D EVO XL is the ideal showcase chassis with its removable front pillar. Without the front pillar and side bands on the front and side tempered glass panels, users benefit from an unrestricted view of the PC. The EVO XL also supports the ability to be fully reversible and features a relocatable I/O module with 3 supported locations (front, side and rear). Furthermore, with the use of additional accessories, users can change their GPU mounting location to either vertical or upright. The optional upright GPU mounting kit is redesigned to accommodate larger GPUs of up to 358mm in length and 80mm in thickness. The kit is affixed to the side fan/radiator bracket instead of the frame, allowing mounting of the GPU outside of the case, and offering the ability to locate the GPU I/O at the top or bottom depending on the user’s preference.

Additional Features
?Located in the second chamber, the O11D EVO XL features 2 x hot-swap storage drive cages, each supporting up to 2 x 3.5” HDDs or 2 x 2.5” SSDs. The cages are mounted on hinges which allow them to swivel away from the frame and provide easier access to the mounting trays. Each drive cage can be equipped with a 15mm thick 120mm fan to provide extra cooling to the drives. And for cable management, the cable cover bar is also on hinges for quick access and the O11D EVO XL comes equipped with 3 dual-layer cable clips that can be mounted anywhere along vertical grommets pass through. Featuring a C shape and a similar mounting mechanism as SSDs, the concave part of the clip can hold the large bulk of cables coming from the PSU and front IO, while the Velcro strap on top of the clip is ideal for fan cable management.

The O11D EVO XL is available for pre-order on September 7th, 2023, at an MSRP of $234.99 for the black, and $244.99 for the white.

InWin DUBILI is a case you construct yourself

2 weeks ago
InWin reveals Titanium Grey and Champagne Gold versions of its DUBILI, a DIY case that ships flat-packed.
In Win Development Inc. (InWin), a leading innovator in PC enthusiast and gaming hardware, has introduced two new colors of its DUBILI DIY chassis: Titanium Grey and Champagne gold. The DIY flatpack versions are available directly from the InWin eStores in North America and Europe.

InWin DUBILI – ‘do believe’ – is part of InWin’s iBuildiShare initiative. DUBILI was created from the company’s philosophy, which advocates for creativity for all ages and embraces the passion of PC DIY and modding enthusiasts. By allowing users access to every panel individually, each part can be modified or customized easily according to the user's personal preferences.

0% Plastic – 100% Recyclable Packaging
Shipped flat-packed and entirely without plastic packaging, this space-saving concept is also considerably more environmentally conscious and completely recyclable. Three inner layers of protection are designed to ensure it is delivered to the customer safely.

By using thicker 1.2 mm SECC steel for the structural elements, once built, the DUBILI exhibits the same solid structure as a standard PC chassis and can be easily carried. Its tempered glass side panel gives supreme views of the internal hardware, while brushed aluminum and curved elements on the outside give it a modern, stylish appearance. Users can either use the curved outer structure as feet or flip it up as handles.

Its high-airflow design is capable of housing the latest high-performance PC hardware, including motherboards up to EATX size, GPUs up to 430 mm length, PSUs up to 180 mm, and a highly versatile range of cooling options, including tall air coolers and liquid cooling with the potential of a 420 mm radiator in the front and a 360 mm radiator mounted at the top. Front panel IO included 1 x USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type-C, 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1, and HD Audio Combo (CTIA).

Pre-bundled Premium Fans and Fan/ARGB Lighting Hub
For buyers of the pre-assembled DUBILI, four InWin Jupiter AJ140 fans are included and pre-installed in the chassis. The Jupiter PWM fans can produce a powerful 100 CFM of airflow at full speed, while also providing a wide operating speed range and ARGB lighting effects. A combination fan and ARGB lighting hub is also bundled in the package.

A Simple App Guides Building
Builders can simply download the InWin smartphone app for either iOS or Android to follow how to build the DUBILI.

HyperX Cloud III Wireless promises quadruple the battery life

4 weeks ago
The HyperX Cloud II is one of my favorite all-round headsets so I'm excited to learn HyperX presented an updated model at Gamescom. It's called the HyperX Cloud III Wireless Gaming Headset and the new $169.99 model largely sticks to the familiar design of its predecessor.

The new model has slightly better frequency response, higher impedance, and a greatly enhanced battery life. Whereas the specification sheet of the Cloud II Wireless lists a battery life of 30 hours, the new model promises a whopping 120 hours of operation on a single charge!

HyperX Cloud III Wireless
HyperX, the gaming peripherals team at HP Inc. and brand leader in gaming and esports, today announced the release of the Cloud III Wireless Gaming Headset. Cloud III wireless delivers the ultimate in comfort and sound with up to 120 hours battery life1, offering a captivating wireless gaming experience. With legendary comfort, immersive audio with re-engineered 53mm angled drivers, and a lifetime activation of DTS® Headphone:X®2 via NGENUITY software for accurate 3D audio, Cloud III wireless is ready for gaming, wireless entertainment, untethered chat for fun or work.

The HyperX Cloud III Wireless incorporates new features and a striking new design, delivering an exceptional audio experience to gamers. Evolving from the legendary Cloud headset, known for its comfort, sound quality, and durability, the Cloud III Wireless raises the bar for gaming audio.

The Cloud III wireless gaming headset is designed to provide gamers with an exceptional audio experience. Custom-tuned by HyperX audio engineers, this headset delivers impeccable audio quality. The angled 53mm drivers enhance sound precision by directing it at an optimal angle, resulting in accurate audio that captures every detail. With the addition of DTS® Headphone:X® Spatial Audio technology, the Cloud III expands the audio into a virtual 3D space, creating a truly immersive environment. Gamers can enjoy up to 120 hours of uninterrupted gaming sessions.

The Cloud III wireless provides users with a seamless audio experience through its convenient onboard audio and microphone controls. With a 10mm detachable microphone featuring an LED mute indicator, the microphone offers improved clarity compared to its predecessors. Users can effortlessly adjust volume and mute the microphone directly from the headset earcup. Additionally, the microphone is equipped with an internal metal mesh filter, eliminating the need for a pop filter. The microphone delivers exceptional sound quality for all gaming and communication needs. The LED mute microphone indicator ensures users are always aware of their microphone status, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted communication.

The Cloud III wireless utilizes a full metal frame with a steel headband and aluminum forks for durability. It combines rugged construction with the luxurious comfort of soft, premium leatherette. Alongside plush memory foam ear pads and extra padding on the headband, it offers a comfortable fit, allowing gamers to fully immerse themselves in the game.

“We're thrilled to release the Cloud III wireless gaming headset, it combines legendary HyperX comfort, sound and durability,” said Nathan Almond, PC audio business manager, HyperX. “HyperX remains committed to enhancing the gaming experience, allowing gamers to immersive themselves in the virtual worlds and enjoy extended gaming sessions.”

The Cloud III wireless delivers a superior gaming experience with the freedom of a fast 2.4GHz wireless connection, ensuring lag-free and reliable audio. In addition, the headset offers versatile compatibility with multiple platforms, including PC, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. With the included USB-C wireless dongle and USB-A adapter, gamers can effortlessly connect the headset to their preferred platform.

The new HyperX Cloud III Wireless Gaming Headset is available through the HyperX US Shop for $169.99.

Dune: Spice Wars comes out in September

4 weeks ago
FunCom and Shiro Games announce Dune: Spice Wars is coming out of Early Access this September. It's the first Dune video game in two decades and the first of three Dune games from FunCom. The latter is also working on Dune: Awakening, which will be an open-world survival MMO set in the Dune universe.

Dune: Spice Wars is a 4X RTS game with a cartoonish look. It will be interesting to see if it will become as popular as the Dune games from the 1990s.

Developer Shiro Games and publisher Funcom are proud to reveal that Dune: Spice Wars, the first game set in the Dune universe in two decades, will release out of Early Access in September. In just over one year of Early Access, Shiro Games has released five major updates, massively expanding the game. Get a taste of precious spice in the brand-new Dune: Spice Wars Gamescom trailer.

Dune: Spice Wars lets you lead one of the Great Houses of the Imperium to dominate Arrakis and the flow of spice. Through intrigue, warfare, economy, and spycraft, you will rule the deserts or be buried in them.

Since landing on Arrakis, players have seen the addition of multiplayer, House Corrino, flying units, new buildings, major AI improvements, Conquest scenarios, other community-requested features, and much, much more. Thanks to a passionate community and effective communication, bug fixes, balancing, and quality of life improvements have also arrived with every update.

From the beginning, updates have focused not only on growing the game with new features and content, but also on making it a 4X strategy game which is accessible to people discovering the genre.

As we approach the launch, Shiro founder and CEO Nicolas Cannasse has some words to share: “Our goal was to create an easy to understand yet hard to master, content-rich 4X game that caters to both newcomers and enthusiasts of the genre, fueled by regular updates & our growing community’s feedback & support. We can't wait to see players immerse themselves in the rich game we've crafted together.”

Dune: Spice Wars releases out of Early Access in September. Discover more about the innovative strategy game here:

Half-Life 2 is getting the RTX treatment

4 weeks ago
A group of the most skilled Half-Life 2 modders is working on a new remaster of the game using NVIDIA's RTX Remix. The project is still early in development but may offer some solace to those still waiting for Half-Life 3. The original Half-Life 2 was released in 2004, it used to be one of the most popular game franchises from Valve but a big third installment never arrived. These days, Valve makes most of its money from Steam so whether we'll ever see Half-Life 3 remains a big mystery.
Half-Life 2 RTX: An RTX Remix Project is a new community-made remaster of one of the highest-rated games of all time, Valve’s Half-Life 2. Half-Life 2 RTX is being developed by four of Half-Life 2’s top mod teams, now known as Orbifold Studios. Using the latest version of RTX Remix, the modders are rebuilding materials with Physically Based Rendering (PBR) properties, adding extra geometric detail via Valve’s Hammer editor, and leveraging NVIDIA technologies including full ray tracing, DLSS 3, Reflex, and RTX IO to deliver a fantastic experience for GeForce RTX gamers. Take a first look at the announce trailer for Half-Life 2 RTX: An RTX Remix Project.
The trailer looks impressive, besides RTX the mod also has new higher-resolution models and textures! A release date is unknown.

NVIDIA sees no signs of shortage of chips

4 weeks ago
Earlier this week, NVIDIA dazzled the market as the company's fiscal Q2 2024 earnings came in at $13.51 billion, a massive increase of 88 percent versus the same period a year ago. It's unusual to see a company the size of NVIDIA grow so fast but the current AI boom is driving a massive spike in demand for the company's GPUs.

DigiTimes reports there NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang says fears of production being unable to keep up with demand are ungrounded:
Nvidia Corp. Chief Executive Officer Jensen Huang, fresh off an upbeat quarterly report that sent his company's shares to a record high, dispelled one of investors' biggest concerns: that chip production won't keep up with demand.
The chart below illustrates how fast demand for NVIDIA's data center products has grown over the past couple of years. Datacenter GPU sales have nearly tripled over the past year. It's also interesting to see how gaming is now a relatively small, but not unimportant, part of NVIDIA's total revenue. It used to be the other way around.

NVIDIA revenue trend

First glimpse of be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 5 and Dark Rock Elite

4 weeks ago
German cooling firm be quiet! showcases two new high-end processor coolers at Gamescom; the Dark Rock Pro 5 and Dark Rock Elite:
be quiet!, the German manufacturer for premium PC components, is unveiling two brand-new high-end air coolers at the gamescom expo in Cologne, Germany, from August 23rd to 27th. Dark Rock Pro 5 follows in the footsteps of the extremely successful and award-winning Dark Rock Pro 4, offering immense cooling performance at low noise levels on all popular consumer platforms, while Dark Rock Elite is aimed at users that require the highest performance and airflow, integrating ARGB lighting and a unique front fan rail system for an elite experience.

Raising the bar for air cooling even further
Improving upon the high performance benchmark set by Dark Rock Pro 4 was not easy, but be quiet! managed to raise the bar even further with Dark Rock Pro 5. By leveraging the performance of Silent Wings and adding an integrated speed switch to prioritize cooling or silence have resulted in an air cooler that loves multithreaded tasks, whether it’s high-end gaming or a workstation setup. Still want more? With its unprecedented cooling abilities, Dark Rock Elite is the perfect fit for gaming enthusiasts who want to achieve the best possible CPU performance and airflow, while not missing out on great ARGB lighting. Not only does the Elite offer Silent Wings fans and an integrated speed switch, it also uses an innovative rail system for the front fan to guarantee compatibility with most memory modules and motherboards. Dark Rock Pro 5 and Dark Rock Elite will be officially launched late October.

Exciting activities for all visitors
At their booth at gamescom, be quiet! will be showcasing their latest offerings, including the highly anticipated Shadow Base 800 cases. In addition to product presentations, gaming enthusiasts will have the chance to test their skills in competitive gaming against the BLUEJAYS eSports team. Moreover, the be quiet! team will be hosting challenging contests where attendees can demonstrate their knowledge of the hardware and gaming market. be quiet! will have an open booth design, so no need for scheduling a meeting.

be quiet! can be found in the entertainment area, Hall 10.1, booth A078.
Dark Rock Pro 5 and Dark Rock Elite

In Win shows diverse line of Neptune Silent Case Fan Series

4 weeks ago
The new Neptune Silent Case Fan Series from In Win includes various type of fans, with offerings for those looking for either ARGB or non-ARGB. The Neptune series includes AN120/140 with ARGB lighting, DN120/140 black fan with non-ARGB, and the DN PRO 120/140 made especially for cooling enthusiasts, which feature a turbine blade design and three-phase, six-pole motor in a precision-crafted metallic frame.

 Neptune Silent Case Fan Series
In Win Development Inc. (InWin), a leading innovator in PC enthusiast gaming hardware, has introduced its new AN120/140, DN120/140, and DN120/140 PRO case fans. These silent, high static pressure fans are ideal for air or liquid cooling.

Key Features
Neptune AN, DN, and DN PRO fans feature InWin’s signature Turbine Blade design that angles the blades to channel more concentrated airflow. The fan is molded to the frame to prevent air leakage and noise pollution that standard models tend to emit. The results offer an impressive static pressure of up to 2.95 mm/H2O (DN140 PRO), while operating at a mere 20.3 dBA (DN120 PRO). Get great performance without sacrificing your peace. Control with PWM via a dedicated IC chip (for DN PRO), which can produce as little as 17.2 dBA at 900 RPM (AN120).

DN PRO Series
The Neptune DN120 PRO (120 mm) and DN140 PRO (140 mm) offer superior performance without noise elevation. Its FDB bearing with metal magnetic and copper bearing shields assures quality, backed by a 6-year warranty. The internals feature a large 3-phase, 6-pole motor, which produces powerful performance up to 91.66 CFM (DN140 PRO). The DN PRO fans include brass screw threads preinstalled into each corner, plus two types of longer screws ready for liquid cooling radiators. Highly durable, 500 mm nylon braided extension cables offer more cable management flexibility.

AN Series
The Neptune AN120 (120 mm) and AN140 (140 mm) fans include radiant ARGB lighting effects that can be controlled from compatible motherboard software to sync with the rest of the PC system’s lighting effects. Both Neptune AN fans are available in triple packs and include InWin’s modular ‘Lock-N-Go’ extension cable system that securely fastens connectors for easier, cleaner cable management.

DN Series
The Neptune DN120 (120 mm) and DN140 (140 mm) fans possess similar features to the AN-series, but their jet-black design is perfect for low-profile, stealth PC builds and are made for those who prefer a subtler, non-illuminated system.



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