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The very first iteration of DVHARDWARE dates back to July 2002. Almost two decades ago now -- amazing how fast time flies by. At first, the site was called DarkVision - it was all in Dutch and we published general news, tech news, and even some sports news. DVHARDWARE started in Dutch because the site is based in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium.

Originally envisioned as sort of a web portal, the DarkVision name was the result of a couple of hours of brainstorming. After a couple of weeks, DarkVision became more and more tech-oriented and it evolved into a technology news & reviews website. By the end of summer 2002, we switched to English to be able to reach a much bigger readership and somewhat later the name changed to DV Hardware.

Together with the rollout of a major site redesign in 2021, the styling of the website's name has been changed to DVHARDWARE.

News and press releases
You can mail your news and press releases to news@dvhardware.net. If it's interesting and relevant enough it will be published on the frontpage.

News is posted on a daily base by our regular news posters.

Do you want to advertise on DV Hardware? Computer, technology or Internet-related products or services will probably work best for DV Hardware's audience but we accept other things too.

To find out more about our advertising options or to make us an offer, you can send us an e-mail.

Do you want one of our reviewers to review one of your company's products? Just contact this address.

DV Hardware reviews products related to computers, technology and consumer electronics.

For other inquiries you can thomas.dm@dvhardware.net. DV Hardware is a media website, we do not sell retail products.

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The people behind DV Hardware

Thomas De Maesschalck - CEO
Positions at DV Hardware: Owner, reviewer, news poster, coder.
Location: Zele, Belgium. Satellite map

I received my first PC in the early 90s - it was a 386 with an HDD under 100MB and a monochrome CRT display. Since then a lot has changed in this amazingly fast-moving computer world, I've moved from K5 to Pentium 3 to Pentium 4 to Athlon 64 to Core 2 Duo, and so on.

You can find me on Facebook.

Carmen De Varez (2003-2010, no longer active)
Position at DV Hardware: Editor, reviewer
Location: Zele, Belgium.

Thomas Braeckman (2002-2004, no longer active)
Position at DV Hardware: news writer, reviewer
Location: Zele, Belgium.


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