Noctua goes Torx with its new NM-M1 mounting kits

Posted on Monday, December 11 2023 @ 10:23 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Noctua reveals the NM-M1, a new SecuFirm2+ mounting kit available for existing Noctua coolers with a 78mm or 83mm mounting pitch. The firm explains the Torx screws are easier to operate in space-restricted environments and result in less wear on the screw heads. Most Noctua coolers launched since 2005 support the new mounting kit, notable exceptions being the NH-L9a and NH-L9i series, as well as all server and workstation heatsinks with larger bases.

Noctua today introduced its new NM-M1 enthusiast-grade multi-socket mounting kits. Available for Noctua coolers with 83 and 78mm mounting pitch, the NM-M1-MP83 and NM-M1-MP78 represent an ideal upgrade for users who want to migrate their Noctua CPU coolers to the new, Torx® based SecuFirm2+™ standard or to the latest sockets that their cooler did not yet support at the time of purchase. On AMD AM5, the offset mounting option can significantly improve performance with typical reductions in CPU temperatures of 1-3°C.

“The mounting system might seem like a sideshow when looking at a CPU cooler as a whole, yet in fact, it’s one of the key factors not only for the customer’s overall user experience but also for product safety and performance – poor contact pressure or contact quality can easily ruin your results even if the heatsink as such is working great”, explains Roland Mossig (Noctua CEO). “At Noctua, we have always taken pride in refining our mounting systems unremittingly, and the NM-M1 kits are a testament to this strive: integrating the latest SecuFirm2+™ standard as well as our offset mounting option for improved performance on AMD AM5, they keep raising the bar.”

The NM-M1 sets are Noctua’s most comprehensive multi-socket mounting-kits today: Supporting AMD AM5 and AM4 as well as Intel LGA1851, LGA1700, LGA1200, LGA1151, LGA1150, LGA1155 and LGA1156, they are the ultimate kits for a wide range of upgrading or switching scenarios.

The new SecuFirm2+™ standard uses Torx® T20 instead of Phillips head screws. The reduced cam-out of the Torx® drive makes it easier to operate, especially in space restricted environments such as pre-assembled PC systems. At the same time, there is less wear on the screw heads, which makes the plus version even more durable. With the included magnetic tip NM-SD1 Torx® T20 screwdriver, the NM-M1 kits are perfect for power users who frequently change their setups and demand the new gold standard in convenience and durability under heavy use.

The NM-M1 kits also include Noctua’s offset mounting bars for AM5 that make it possible to install the cooler shifted towards the south side of the socket by 7mm, thereby achieving better contact pressure right above the CCD(s). This improved contact exactly at the processor’s hotspot can significantly reduce CPU temperatures with typical improvements in the range of 1-3°C.

The sets are available in versions for heatsinks with 83mm mounting pitch (NM-M1-MP83) and 78mm mounting pitch (NM-M1-MP78), which makes it possible to upgrade most Noctua heatsinks since 2005 except for the NH-L9a and NH-L9i series as well as server and workstation models with larger bases. Both the NM-M1-MP83 and the NM-M1-MP78 are offered in regular versions with nickel-plated parts and variants. For the latter, all screws, fastening brackets and mounting bars are treated with a premium-grade, highly wear-resistant black coating. Perfect for creating all-black builds with Noctua’s line coolers!

The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices are as follows:
NM-M1-MP83: EUR 21.90 / USD 21.90
NM-M1-MP78: EUR 21.90 / USD 21.90
NM-M1-MP83 EUR 24.90 / USD 24.90
NM-M1-MP78 EUR 24.90 / USD 24.90

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