Intel not seeing much impact from AMD Ryzen

Posted on Friday, April 28 2017 @ 12:32 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
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Responding to a question from a financial analyst, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich revealed his company is not seeing anything unusual in terms of competition. Intel did not see an unusual impact from AMD's Ryzen in the first quarter and doesn't expect anything out of the ordinary in Q2 either:
Vivek Arya - Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Okay. Thanks. That's helpful. And as my follow-up, the very rich mix in PCs, ASPs were up very strongly. How sustainable is that? And are you seeing any effect of competition from AMD's product launches?

Brian M. Krzanich - Intel Corp.
Sure, I'll start. Bob, you may want to jump in. Each quarter we come in here and say we're a little concerned about the sustainability of those high ASPs, and we continue to have that, so we always forecast. If you take a look at what we've forecasted for the remainder of the year, we've forecasted a slight decline in ASPs as we move through the year. Now, that said, we're continuing to improve our road map. We're continuing to pull in products, and the demand for those high-end, high-performance products, from 2-in-1s, gaming, high-end workstations, continues to grow faster than we are even able to project.

So right now we've forecasted a slight decline through the rest of the year, but we had strong demand for it in Q1. And we really believe that's a function of our products and our roadmap. From a competition standpoint, we're not seeing anything unusual right now as far as – there's always some level of competition in this market, and I'd tell you for Q1 and our forecast for Q2, we're not seeing anything out of the ordinary from what we normally see.

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