Dying Light 2: Stay Human Review

Posted on 2022-02-26 13:28:28 by Thomas De Maesschalck

"Dying Light 2: Stay Human, set 22 years after the original saw the city of Harran be destroyed by a virus. Before it was the one city infected on Earth, but in this title it is one city remaining on Earth as most others have collapsed to small enclaves of people, or been destroyed. You play as Aiden, a Pilgrim who travels between groups of survivors and while you typically carry messages and items for others, you also have the mission of finding your sister Mia. Separated at a young age, she is all the family you have and now there is some hope that she can be found in Villedor, otherwise known as The City. It has survived in part because massive walls were built to contain its infected populace, but now it keeps many but not all of the infected horde out."

Link: OCC

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