Sapphiretech X800XL Hybrid VIVO 512MN Review

Posted on 2005-09-02 15:16:55 by LSDsmurf

Sapphire has been producing ATI boards for Tier1 companies since 2001 and has taken a leap into the mainstream market since the 9700pro line and is doing quite well. Sapphire sent over one of their X800XL 512MB VIVO cards to put through it's paces. The X800XL uses the R430 core and has 16 pipelines and 6 vertex shaders. The memory runs at 490mhz (980mhz) memory and 400mhz core clock, the memory used on the X800XL is Samsung GC20 2.0ns GDDR3 that is capable of 1000mhz.

Link: TechMods

Sapphiretech X800XL Hybrid VIVO 512MN

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