Crucial Value PC3200 1024MB Review

Posted on 2005-09-05 00:35:19 by LSDsmurf

For those in the quest for a cheap, but good performance 1024mb stick, Crucial Value is something to seriously consider. It uses micron 5b D chips, the same chips used in the 1gb ddr500 Ballistix (or a variant of it, which I'll explain in a moment), which overclocks surprisingly well. Now, the reason I say that there is a variant of the 5b D chips is because recently, the Crucial Value started shipping with the FBGA package (DDR2 uses FBGA only), instead of the TSOP package that is traditionally used on DDR1 sticks. I wrote up two posts on this topic. Read up here and here. To see the differences between the TSOP and FBGA chips, compare this picture to the ones I have taken below.

Link: EclipseOC

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