Samsung HP-R5072 50-inch HDTV Review

Posted on 2005-09-05 16:55:57 by LSDsmurf

The 50-inch Plasma High Definition (HD) TV from Samsung has a 1376 x 768 pixel progressive resolution and features the 16 : 9 widescreen picture aspect ratio. It shows 68.7 billion colors and has an 175-degree horizontal viewing angle.

Decisions decisions.. I'm moving into my new place soon so I was out looking for a brand new plasma TV. I thought about getting DLP but that's another story which I won't discuss here. After I decided to get the plasma I started to do some research. After looking at Panasonic, Sony, LG and Samsung, it was pretty easy to narrow it down to two manufacturers: Panasonic and Samsung. Then the hard part: deciding between two very nice plasma makers. After days of sleepless nights I decided to get the latest offering from Samsung. Here are my reasons...

Design: This is probably my personal taste but I have to say this was the biggest factor. I just love the new design of Samsung plasma models. It's just gorgeous to look at. Samsung has a nice glossy black profile, thinner than Panasonic. Samsung definitely looks better on walls or around modern furniture.

Picture quality: Normal eyes probably can't tell the difference between Panasonic and Samsung. For me, Samsung looked slightly more sharper and deeper blacks but I have to say it's a tie.

Price: again, almost the same.

A/S: I have owned both Panasonic and Samsung products in the past. They both have pretty good customer support but I have to say Samsung has been more active in improving the overall customer service. Samsung is relatively a new comer compared to Panasonic, so Samsung tends to be more eager to help out and acts more quickly.

Samsung and Panasonic both are smart companies but this time Samsung wins by a slim margin.

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Samsung HP-R5072 50-inch HDTV

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