Gigabyte 3D Aurora Aluminum Case Review

Posted on 2005-09-06 12:39:11 by LSDsmurf

When hearing the name Gigabyte you will most likely immediately think motherboards, video cards and other high quality computer peripherals. But when thinking Gigabyte, words like case or computer enclosure don’t exactly come to mind. So, when about two months ago Gigabyte announced that they would be entering the case market with a brand new enclosure called the 3D Aurora, I was more then interested in seeing what it will have to offer. And whether the 3D Aurora will deliver the same quality, value and performance we have grown to expect from Gigabyte’s other products. In today’s review we’ll try to answer those questions and hopefully help you decide if the name Gigabyte will not only appear on your next motherboard and video card consideration list but also your case list.

Link: Systemcooling

Gigabyte 3D Aurora Aluminum Case

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