Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse Review

Posted on 2005-09-06 18:56:46 by LSDsmurf

Notebooks mostly lack the comfort of a good mouse so here's a short review of Microsoft's Wireless Notebook Optical mouse:

I bought this optical mouse as a replacement for my first generation Logitech Notebook Mouse. Whereas the Logitech mouse experienced serious deficiencies in signal reception (even from less than a foot away) and battery life (compared to other Logitech wireless mice), the Microsoft mouse has effectively served as an excellent replacement.

The mouse is well designed and comfortable to use since it conforms well to my hand. Its AA battery has lasted for a good amount of time and battery replacement is simple to do. It's small and fits well inside the pockets of a laptop bag/backpack. The snap-in receiver onto the bottom of the mouse reduces the risk of misplacing it and reduces its overall profile.

However, the Microsoft mouse software is non-existent, as it uses Windows for its settings. I would've liked to have some acceleration settings like in the Logitech software. Also, unlike other Microsoft wireless mice, the scroll wheel isn't of the smooth non-clicking type. My final criticism is that the mouse lacks an on/off switch. Although the mouse turns off when the receiver is attached to the mouse for travel, I prefer to keep the receiver attached to my notebook when it is also used as my primary computer.

Overall, a well-designed mouse with very minor issues caused by using a Logitech mouse for so long. It would be nice to integrate those features in next iterations.

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Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse

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