Crucial Technologies Flash Memory Products Review

Posted on 2005-09-07 13:07:08 by LSDsmurf

XR's Senior European Hardware Reviewer Grace today had the opportunity to evaluate several of Crucial's offerings in the very popular flash memory segment of the current market.

"Flash type memory cards seem to be needed everywhere these days. To mention merely a few of the most common devices that use them, they are cellular phones, Pocket PCs, PDAs, digital cameras and even some MP3 players which use flash memory cards for additional storage. This also resulted in many different types of flash memory cards. When talking about memory though, even flash type memory, a long time memory manufacturer like Crucial could not stay out. Crucial offers almost every type of flash memory card that exists, in the most commonly used capacities of each type. Today I have some of the most commonly used flash memory cards and a compact 12-in-1 flash card reader to present to you, so let us see how Crucial does in the flash storage area!"

Link: Xtremeresources

Crucial Technologies Flash Memory Products

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