Garmin GPS 10 Deluxe Review

Posted on 2005-09-09 02:16:12 by LSDsmurf

Got a car? If so, in the last year you’ll have been bombarded with information about in-car sat-nav and how you can’t live without it. Well, buying it at POS can add £3000 to the price of the car. So, the best option is to go the self-help route and link a GPS module to your Bluetooth-enabled notebook or Pocket PC.

There are a wide variety of similar units on the market but where the Garmin GPS 10 Deluxe stands apart is in the strength of its maps and the power of the signal. As a 12 parallel channel unit, it’s capable of receiving referencing four satellites at any one time for accurate location finding. Once you’ve installed the drivers and map software onto your notebook, you’ll need to set up a Bluetooth pairing. Read on at Pocket Lint to learn more about this global positioning system from Garmin.

Link: Pocket lint

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