Sapphire PURE Innovation PI-A9RX480 motherboard Review

Posted on 2005-09-11 20:49:12 by LSDsmurf

The XPRESS 200 chipset has proven popular with these manufacturers on the AMD platform in large part due to the XPRESS 200’s unique position as the only chipset on the market to offer an integrated graphics core. Neither NVIDIA or VIA have delivered an integrated solution for the AMD platform, giving ATI a distinct advantage which they’ve exploited over the past few months – NVIDIA’s C51 chipset is expected to finally integrate an as yet unannounced graphics core (it’s rumored to be a variant of the GeForce 6200 TC) onto the nForce4 platform, but the chipset hasn’t officially launched yet and isn’t expected to debut until the end of this month, while VIA’s plans for an integrated chipset are even further off. Read on at Firingsquad to learn more about this Xpress 200 based motherboard from Sapphire.

Link: Firingsquad

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