Apple iPod nano Review

Posted on 2005-09-12 20:13:51 by LSDsmurf

Make has written a short review on Apple's new digital audio player, the iPod nano. Here's a blurb from their article:

Here's my quick review of the iPod nano along with some photos of accessories that work and do not work. The iPod nano has replaced the iPod shuffle for audio listening, it's tiny, screen is great, it's all the things I liked about the iPod photo, but in an impossibly small form factor. While it doesn't run podzilla (yet) and it doesn't have the little accessory port to control and power things like FM transmitters, remotes,'s a great little device. So for now, my 2g podzilla running iPod and the nano are in my bag and the old photo iPod when I need to offload stuff from a camera. Here are some photos...

Link: Makezine

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