Sony MDR-900 headphones Review

Posted on 2005-09-12 20:45:31 by LSDsmurf

One of the major differences between the V-700s and V-900s is the design of the ear cup. The V-700s are "supra-aural", which means they sit directly on top of the ear. The V-900s, on the other hand, are "circum-aural", meaning that they wrap around the ear, while putting no pressure on the ear itself. All supra-aural headphones pressure your ears against your head. How much depends on each individual headphone. Probably the most painful example of vice grip headphones are the Sennheiser HD-280 Pros. They use immense clamping force, which provides incredible sound isolation. The only problem is, in my opinion at least, they are wearable for maybe a half hour. The V-700s are not that bad, but they tend to get very uncomfortable after about a three hour stretch, which is the reason I decided to make an upgrade.

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