Orange SPV C600 Review

Posted on 2005-09-19 16:25:46 by LSDsmurf

Well, here it is - a preview of the Orange SPV C600, the new Smartphone from Orange which - until now - has been pretty damned secretive. The C600 is made yet again by HTC with the code-name "HTC Tornado". HTC sit in the background and make the handsets that most of us end up using, but the networks or distributors slap their own logo on and re-brand them to suit. If you're still not sure about who HTC are, then just look at the facts - they're the largest hardware manufacturer of Windows Mobile devices in the world. They already create and design devices for Dell, HP and of resellers like Qtek, iMate and major network operators like T-Mobile and Orange..

Link: Coolsmartphone

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