Sony Vaio VGC-RA304 media server PC Review

Posted on 2005-09-19 16:27:54 by LSDsmurf

The system is more than a just a regular PC though - it's a home server system. The PC is designed to act as a central store point for media, either downloaded from the Internet, or captured over the air via its integrated TV tuner. The RA304 bundle includes a Network Media Receiver, a box that connects directly to a TV via composite, S-Video or component (which gives a far better picture). Content can them be streamed to the box via wireless or wired Ethernet. If your set up at home isn't yet wireless, Sony has bundled a rather snazzy looking wireless access point. This home server approach isn't new for Sony though. We looked at a predecessor of this machine a year and a half ago, here.

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Sony Vaio VGC-RA304 media server PC

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