Maxtor Shared Storage Drive 200 GB Review

Posted on 2005-09-22 14:23:37 by LSDsmurf

To all appearances, the idea of standalone storage drives has solidly captured the minds of computer periphery manufacturers — the pioneer shared hard drive NetDisk NDU10-120 from Ximeta was followed by a number of similar products, including the nearly "wire free" ASUS WL-HDD2.5. The fashion has been finally taken up by HDD manufacturers, who are confidently mastering allied external storage drive markets: Having earned much experience in the area of external storage drives, Maxtor presented two models of network (in Maxtor terms — Shared Storage Drive) storage drives — the 200 GB H01P200 and the 300 GB H01R300. We obtained the junior model — H01P200.

Link: DigitLife

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