Acura TSX 2005 Review

Posted on 2005-09-23 01:35:19 by LSDsmurf

CNET checked out the 2005 model of the Acura TSX car. Here's a snip from their review:

Although the styling is rather undistinguished, the 2005 Acura TSX is a very good all-rounder that is fun to drive. As Honda and Acura fans have come to expect, handling is excellent on the Acura TSX, and there is very little evidence of torque steer. The fantastic six-speed box just begs to be used at every opportunity, even though the 200-horsepower engine provides enough lower-end torque to make any change a choice rather than a necessity. Plus, the good gas mileage (21mpg in the city and 30mpg on the highway) and California LEV-2 emissions are just icing on the cake..

Link: CNET

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