Dell Inspiron 9300 notebook Review

Posted on 2005-09-24 01:24:29 by LSDsmurf has just published a new review on Dell's Inspiron 9300 laptop. Here's a short snip from their test report:

It was mind boggling to shop for a Windows notebook due to the bewildering selection possibilities and configurations. Actually, I couldn't look at' the Inspiron 9300 at all since no Dell kiosks in Southern California I've called seemed to have them on display. A few calls to the Dell kiosks confirmed that most other Inspiron models were on display, but not the 9300. At one Dell kiosk location, the person who answered was not familiar with the model numbers and thought the 9300 was either the 6000 or the XPS2, adding to the confusion of whether the 9300 could be checked out in person. Anyhow, based on the numerous positive individual reviews of the 9300 on and CNET it seemed that this model was generally a reliable notebook..

Link: Notebookreview

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