HP iPAQ hx2795 Review

Posted on 2005-09-27 00:36:54 by LSDsmurf

HP has done it again bringing one of the fastest Windows Mobile 5 devices on the market. That’s right, the hx2795 is an iPAQ that has just about everything you would ever want and more. More? You bet!! More memory, more security, more flexibility because of size, and one of the fastest processors! This is one dynamite package that will surely rank at the top of the Windows Mobile 5 charts!

The anticipation of seeing what is inside of the box when you finally get it home is just incredible. I went into my office, opened the box and quickly removed the contents; my new iPAQ, cradle, charger with adapter and a package containing the Companion CD, Getting Started and How Do I manuals as well as a bevy of miscellaneous pamphlets. Read on over at Dave's iPaq to learn more about this brand new PDA.

Link: DavesiPaq

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