Toshiba Satellite A80 Review

Posted on 2005-09-29 00:25:53 by LSDsmurf

I looked and looked and finally decided the A80 was for me, so I contacted the salesman and asked him if it was in stock, after a few seconds he came back and there was my notebook in a simple looking box. After paying for the laptop I hurried home quickly (anxious to use it!), and after some travel minutes I got home, opened the box and there it was nicely packed for transport and wrapped in some special black plastic for protection. I tore off the plastic packaging for the laptop and the rest of the items, connected the power adapter and started the laptop, registered my copy of Windows XP with Microsoft and then went straight to the Toshiba site to register for support and also for theft protection. All included the final cost of the laptop was 1,149 Euros.. Head over to to read the full review on this laptop.

Link: Notebookreview

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