Evesham Voyager C720 notebook Review

Posted on 2005-09-29 16:05:30 by LSDsmurf

It cost a mighty £2,561 at launch - and if you've bought one you probably won't be best pleased to learn that Evesham are offering a machine that's significantly faster for about a grand less. Hey, don't you just love computers. Admittedly, Dell is now selling the XPS for £1,798 but that's still more than the Evesham Voyager C720, though we'll have to wait and see what Dell comes out with to compete. The reason the Evesham is faster is because hot on the heels of its success with the GeForce 7800 GTX GPU, nVidia has released the mobile version, named the GeForce Go 7800 GTX, and it's one of these that's powering Evesham's new machine.

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Evesham Voyager C720 notebook

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