i-mate JasJar / HTC Universal Review

Posted on 2005-09-30 00:53:39 by LSDsmurf

If you are looking for a great, light-weight, and easily pocketable phone to toss into your shirt pocket - stop reading now. The i-mate JasJar is not that device, believe me. While it is indeed a triband GSM phone that also supports the 2100Mhz UMTS 3G band, the Windows Mobile 5.0 powered JasJar is simply too big and heavy to be considered a regular phone. That's not what it was meant to be. I think the JasJar would be better classified as "a data-centric PDA with voice capabilities." If you look at the device in that light, it begins to make sense. A lot of sense. Head over to Mobileburn to read more about this Microsoft Windows 5.0 powered phone..

Link: Mobileburn

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