RCA RS2052 Rip & Go Digital Music Studio Review

Posted on 2005-10-01 02:11:24 by LSDsmurf

Taking the PC out of the digital audio equation was RCA's goal in creating the RCA RS2052 Rip & Go Digital Music Studio. The system consists of a 160-watt bookshelf stereo system with a five-CD changer, FM tuner, and SD card slot, as well as a 128MB MP3 player that connects to the main unit's USB port via a built-in USB plug. Although it's cool that you can rip CDs directly to the MP3 player, the MP3 player and the user interface could use some improvement. The biggest drawbacks are that you can only encode music in real time—meaning a 45-minute CD takes 45 minutes to rip, compared with, say, 4 minutes on a PC—and you have no control over the quality of the encoding. Read on over at PCMag.com to learn more about this music studio..

Link: PC Mag

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