Thermaltake Tai Chi case Review

Posted on 2005-10-03 16:03:17 by LSDsmurf

The Overclocker Cafe' has posted a review up on the Thermaltake Tai Chi case. What makes this case different is that it has an internal native water cooling system integrated with the case. This in addition to the use of uber thick plates of aluminum and an unfortunate weight of 19.5 kilograms. Good thing the thing has wheels! Here's a snip of the OCC review.

It's hard to forget that this is a case review with this case haven't such fantastic cooling ability in its native water cooling system. The Tt Tai Chi case builds on its look of performance though the convection fins about the outer surfaces of the case itself. Not that you would see much difference in ambient case temps because of the 120mm intake and three 120mm exhaust fans (one for case, two for radiator) expelling the case's internal air certainly keep case temperature WELL in hand. The many extras such as the bezel tray and FDD/Power button insert bring out an already outstanding case.

Link: Overclockers Cafe

Thermaltake Tai Chi case

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