Nintendo Game Boy Micro Review

Posted on 2005-10-04 00:37:15 by LSDsmurf

So you like to game on the go. If you are like me, you have some games on your PDA, but they can chew through a battery pretty quickly. Of course, there have always been other portable gaming options. From the early Mattel Football (which I remember my father having), to the first generation Game Boy and GameGear (which I still have someplace), portable gaming has been part of my life. I was recently given a Game Boy Advance by a friend of mine, and while it was entertaining, the lack of a backlit screen made it difficult to use in most situations. Then I saw the Nintendo Game Boy Micro at a recent gaming convention and found myself being seduced back to the world of Mario. But with a botched release date (supposedly the 19th of September, but no store had them until the 24th), I began to wonder if there were problems with the earlier released Japan models. Now that I've got my hands on one, let's take a look how it really performs.. You can find the full review of this little handheld console over at

Link: Pocket Now

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