Oakley Thump 2 Review

Posted on 2005-10-05 23:34:33 by LSDsmurf

The success of Oakley's original Thump flash-based MP3 player sunglasses might best be gauged by how often they showed up on TV rather than how many units were sold. Bounty hunter "Dog" Chapman wore them throughout an entire interview with Jay Leno, and Manny Ramirez of the Boston Red Sox was spotted wearing them on the field. The latest version, the Oakley Thump 2, improves upon the original in a couple of ways, but ultimately they look very un-Oakley. Whereas the originals made the wearer look slightly dangerous, we think the Thump 2 makes you look more like a hipster wannabe. Still, if you're into this style of sunglasses, have deep pockets, and aren't too concerned with things like extra features, the sound quality and comfort might justify the 1GB model's $449 (direct) price tag for you.. Head over to pcmag.com to read more about these special goggles.

Link: PC Mag

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