Gigabyte nForce MPC 430 GA-K8N51PVTMT-9 Review

Posted on 2006-01-11 02:09:25 by LSDsmurf

Since the home media center has gained such a huge amount of popularity, more and more manufacturers are providing motherboards for us Do It Yourself system builders. This allows us to break away from the bare bone systems that company-x provides and put something together - exactly the way we want it. The first idea with a home entertainment PC is to keep the whole unit small, so starting with a microATX motherboard is an obvious choice. Which one really all depends on the feature set and of course your budget. Gigabyte has sent us a board to get the word out on, so I installed it in the test rig and threw some benchmarks at it. Check it out, right here on ClubOC!

Link: ClubOC

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