Gigabyte Radeon X1800XL Review

Posted on 2006-01-12 13:36:07 by LSDsmurf

As we all know last year ATI faced a number of big setbacks in the graphics world, first with Crossfire being pushed back months and months from when they first stated it would launch, then a paper launch with no product, and finally R520 also seeing a number of delays it finally had a nice launch late last year and as we've shown previously, does perform very well. Things seem to finally be turning around for the company and their next generation of graphics card technoogy could possibly let them fully reclaim the lead but for now the R520 is out and doing excellently. Previously we looked at Asus X1800 XL and today we have another from one of their competitors, Gigabyte, with the long winded product name of GV-RX18L256V-B, otherwise their take on ATI's X1800 XL.

Link: AMDZone

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