LG CE500 Review

Posted on 2006-01-15 18:14:37 by LSDsmurf

The LG CE500 for Cingular Wireless strikes us as a consumer-friendly multimedia phone. Its plastic exterior makes it seem like a toy, but it hides a decent array of multimedia features. Even though the CE500 lacks Bluetooth and a speakerphone, it is packed with an MP3 player, triband abilities, and EDGE support, as well as a VGA camera plus camcorder with flash. Because of that, the CE500 may serve as a primer for consumers who are looking for their first MP3/camera phone. The LG CE500 will be a Best Buy exclusive for a limited time, selling for only $99.99 with a two-year contract with Cingular.. Read on over at CNET's full test report to learn more about this cell phone.

Link: CNET

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