Corsair 2048 MB XMS 3500 LL Pro Series Memory Review

Posted on 2006-01-29 19:21:21 by LSDsmurf

Corsair is one of the premier memory producers in the world. Their products are easily accepted as some of the highest quality memory on the market and the Pro Series modules brought LED activity indicators to Random Access Memory. With the overclockability of the AMD64 line of processors this product would be the perfect fit for the gamer looking to squeeze a little bit more performance from their machine by pushing the front side bus from 200 to around 218 Mhz. This moderate overclock, while not exactly in line with the hardcore overclockers pushing 800 - 1000 Mhz on the AMD64 platform, would fit the needs of the tweaker / gamer perfectly.

Link: 3dXtreme

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