Asus EAX1600XT Silent Review

Posted on 2006-03-08 18:32:45 by LSDsmurf

Like the X1800 and X1900, the X1600 boasts 3.0 shaders that had been missing from R480 and the X8xx line of video cards from ATI. This of course had been a spec Nvidia has flaunted for sometime from it's GeForce 6x series of video cards on up but ATI is now onboard. The XT version of the X1600 comes in at 590MHz for the core and 690MHz for the memory. Quite a high clock rate for the 90nm part, if not able to keep up as far as vertex shaders to the X1800 and X1900, still a surprisingly high clock for a silent cool card. As you'll see in the overclocking benchmarks, we were also even able to kick things up quite a bit as far as clock, but due to the limitations of the X1600 design, it doesn't help very much. The card features 256MB of DDR3 memory as well. It requires no extra power and features 128-bit precision

Link: AMDZone

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