Olympus SP-700 Review

Posted on 2006-03-31 00:05:58 by LSDsmurf

Megapixel.net checked out this six MP digicam and writes: "The Olympus SP-700 is the first small compact of the SP series. Offering a 6-megapixel resolution, and a 3X optical zoom that does not extend past the front of the camera, the SP-700 also stands out for its very large 3-inch LCD monitor. The front of the camera is made of brushed metal — the finish for which can be either silver or blue — with a chrome ring around the lens trim while the rest of the camera is covered in a black plastic. Indeed, the finishing on the SP-700 is excellent. The relatively thin top of the SP-700 supports a number of controls, starting with the Mode Switch, which has three positions.."

Link: Megapixel

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