Spire Zoom Laptop Backpack Review

Posted on 2006-03-31 16:30:53 by LSDsmurf

Do you have a laptop computer? What are using to transport it around? Is it fashionable? Does it look like a laptop bag? I've always hated those laptop case/bags because they just beg to be stolen, they say "Hey, look I have an expensive laptop inside of me, steal me!" I've also found that they aren't very user friendly, and uncomfortable to carry around. My laptop case has always been a laptop backpack, I've went through a few of them, as I always buy cheap ones. Today for your viewing pleasure I have the Spire Zoom Laptop Backpack, this particular model was actually in a major motion picture. Read on to find out more...

Link: ThinkComputers

Spire Zoom Laptop Backpack

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