Geil Value Dual Channel 1gb Kit Review

Posted on 2006-04-03 00:46:29 by LSDsmurf

Geil I have to say are not one the most known memory companies, they are not as well known as the likes of Corsair and Crucial. Never the less they have made a name for themselves with such products as the Geil One series, the only memory I have seen to hit CAS ratings of 1.5. Today we will be looking at the other end of the spectrum, their value series. This memory has gained a reputation with the overclocking community as being the same price range as Crucial’s and Corsair’s value range but is rumoured to be a lot more overclockable while maintaining nice timings. We will of course test these rumours to bring you the truth.

Link: XS Reviews

Geil Value Dual Channel 1gb Kit

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